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Elevator Maintenance Company

At Tower Lifts passenger safety is always and forever our first priority. Which is why elevator maintenance is at the heart of all the services we offer. We know that the lifts our team designs, manufactures and installs are safe. What worries us is the number of lifts across the UK that are operating without regular maintenance.

Thankfully the number of lifts operating without servicing gets smaller every year, thanks to increasing regulation.

Regulations Covering Lift Maintenance

If you own or manage a goods or passenger lift that is operating in a commercial property, you are legally required to ensure users’ safety by two regulatory frameworks:

LOLER – Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998

This applies the goods lifts, or lifting equipment of any size. Tower Lifts regularly installs car liftsgoods lifts, goods and passenger lifts, and dumbwaiters.  Any of these elevators would be subject to the LOLER framework.

The main requirements are that:

  • Lifts are professionally installed
  • They are clearly marked to indicate safe working loads
  • Goods lifts are used by trained employees
  • Elevators used for lifting and moving goods are subject to regular maintenance by professionals, or trained personnel.
  • Regular examinations are carried out – in addition to maintenance – to demonstrate compliance.

PUWER – The Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998

Elevators are included in the category of equipment used at work, that could represent a risk to health and safety. In order to be compliant with the PUWER regulation, owners or managers of passenger lifts in commercial use are required to:

  • Ensure that the lift is suitable for the use to which it is put
  • Stipulate that only people who are trained, or familiar with the equipment can use it
  • Provide adequate signage for safe use of the equipment
  • Put in place regular professional lift maintenance and servicing

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What Does Lift Maintenance Cover?

An experienced lift engineer will examine all the components and working parts of your lift to test they’re working properly and accumulatively providing a secure environment for passengers.

Maintenance will include:

Elevator Cabin. Check interior surfaces, bulbs, and control panel. Test acceleration, deceleration and levelling. Check doors and door restrictor. Test fire alarm and fire installation.

Machine Room. Remove any accumulated debris. Check oil levels. Inspect all electrical components for faults and lubricate components where appropriate.

Cabling System. Inspect guide rails, rollers and levelling mechanism. Check the stop switch and the inspection station are in good working order. Check cables for signs of wear. Confirm sump pump is working correctly and inspect hoistway for debris or fire safety issues.

What Level of Lift Maintenance is Required?

As an elevator maintenance company our first concern is that every lift operating in a commercial context receives adequate maintenance to ensure the safety of passengers. We assess each lift individually, therefore. This means taking into account daily use, positioning, age and function. This results in a tailor-made elevator maintenance schedule which will be carried out by our experienced maintenance team.

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