Elevator Maintenance Company

Elevator Maintenance Company

Looking for an Elevator Maintenance Company?

Elevator owners and managers know all about maintenance and servicing because it’s part of the duty of care required of them. Tower Lifts engineers spend a good portion of their time providing that maintenance, and they’re often asked what the minimum requirement for servicing and maintaining an elevator is.

Elevator maintenance is key to your responsibilities as an owner or manager; in fact you are legally required to do so. Maintenance isn’t just about being compliant, though. It also prevents costly breakdowns, keeps your running costs low, and maintains your elevator in optimum condition. Most important, an elevator maintenance company keeps your passengers safe.

Regulations and Standards for Elevator Owners

The Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 states that if you own or use premises which has a working elevator, then you are responsible for its maintenance. If your elevator is located in a workplace, you are legally required to have it regularly inspected by a ‘competent person’. This is someone who has the knowledge and experience to be able to identify safety issues with the equipment.

LOLER (Lifting Operations and Lifting Equipment Regulations) and PUWER (Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations) are lift maintenance regulations relating to Health and Safety at Work. They require that any lifting equipment is regularly examined to ensure that it is safe to use, and that any deterioration is remedied promptly.

LOLER and PUWER compliance requires 3 kinds of attention to elevator equipment:

  • Periodic Thorough Examination. Carried out by a ‘competent person’, this ensures that the elevator is safe, and that regular preventive maintenance is being carried out.
  • Regular Preventive Maintenance. Carried out by an elevator maintenance engineer, this should include the replacement of damaged or worn components, and routine adjustments to maintain optimum performance.
  • Scheduled Routine Inspections. Can be carried out by a trained employee who works to a checklist.

Maintenance & Servicing Contracts

Many elevator owners or managers find it easier, and less stressful, to outsource servicing and maintenance to an elevator maintenance company. Tower Lifts offers tailored maintenance contracts that cover all your compliance requirements. We’ll also provide peace of mind regarding the safety of your passengers, and the risk of breakdown.

Your business’ maintenance and service schedule will depend on a numbers of different factors: the age of your elevator, its size and capacity, the location, and its function. A Tower Lifts consultant will carry out a thorough audit of your elevator, its maintenance and service history, and make recommendations regarding the contract we can offer.

About Tower Lifts

The Tower Lifts team combines a range of skills and experience, allowing us to offer elevator maintenance, servicing and repair, whatever your make or model. We’re an established UK-wide provider of lift solutions, including bespoke elevator design, installation, maintenance and consulting. Many of our maintenance contracts stretch back over a decade.

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