Elevator Consultants

Elevator Consultants

Here’s Why Elevator Consultants Are Good For Your Business

For nearly 20 years now, Tower Lifts professionals have worked alongside elevator owners and building managers. We’re always impressed by the level of commitment they demonstrate around the passenger safety, and elevator performance. They are the first to recognise, though, that they don’t have the sector knowledge to guarantee successful outcomes. Which is why they need elevator consultants who can provide specialist knowledge and experience.

Elevator consultants are sector specialists who have extensive practical experience of working with vertical transport. They understand the industry, and its regulatory framework. An elevator specialist can save your business from making costly mistakes; more than that, they can guarantee an efficient transport infrastructure that will make your business operate more efficiently.

How Do Businesses Work With Elevator Consultants?

A Tower Lifts elevator consultant would normally be contracted by an architect, developer, business owner or building manager to manage vertical transportation on their behalf. Our consultants have expertise in design, maintenance, modernisation, and refurbishment across a broad range of elevator equipment. Elevator consultants will manage a range of vertical transport, including passenger lifts, goods lifts, dumbwaiters, firefighting lifts, and platform lifts.

Tower Lifts provides peace of mind for business across the UK. The job of elevator consultants is to ensure that:

  • All passengers are safe and can access elevators.
  • Employees know how to use goods lifts safely.
  • A high standard of maintenance is assured.
  • Recommendations for repairs, modernisation or refurbishment are reliable.
  • Elevators maintain compliance with LOLER and Health & Safety.

How Do We Deliver Peace of Mind for UK Businesses?

Tower Lifts engineers provide a range of consultancy services dependent on the requirements of your business. You may want experienced professionals to audit a legacy lift maintenance company. Or maybe you’re commissioning a new passenger lift and you need development and tendering expertise. Many of our clients require a consultant to carry out a lift inspection in line with LOLER regulations.

We offer the following elevator consultancy services:

1. Lift Maintenance Evaluations, Lift Surveys, and Inspections

The most common reason for businesses to hire elevator consultants is maintenance management and compliance. We carry out a full maintenance evaluation for our clients; this includes a detailed report on the quality of elevator maintenance to date, the expected service life of the elevator, and a projection of the financial resources required to keep the transport infrastructure running at optimal efficiency.

Lift surveys are normally carried out for clients who are considering the acquisition of a building with a legacy lift. Lift inspections are required for LOLER compliance. It is “a systematic and detailed examination of the lift and all its associated equipment”.

2. Maintenance Contracts

An elevator consultant can create a maintenance contract for your vertical transport infrastructure. This involves a detailed report on the:

  • Age and occupancy of the building
  • Age of the vertical transport equipment
  • Uses of elevators within the business
  • Volumes carried by each elevator
  • Daily volume of usage

With this information, elevator consultants work with the business to negotiate the contract that best responds to your maintenance requirements.

3. Elevator Modernisation/Refurbishment

It is rare that lifts need replacing; far more common is the requirement to modernise or refurbish components. Modernising an elevator’s components is equivalent to an upgrade. Outdated or worn parts are replaced with the most recent version. Often this generates operating efficiencies and performance improvements. Lift refurbishment provides like-for-like replacement of components and often refers to more aesthetic alterations.

Elevator consultants work with businesses to create a comprehensive scope for the work. They will then invite bids, evaluate the most promising one, and pull together the results. Once a contractor is agreed on, the consultant will discuss the levels of disruption elevator modernisation is likely to cause and help to plan for limiting the impact on your business.

4. New Lift Development

We regularly work with design teams or architects who are involved in construction projects involving elevator installation. We have nearly 2 decades of experience in this area of expertise and can provide consultancy around the number of elevators required, and the types of elevator best suited to the environment. They will scope the project and write the specification, manage the tendering process, project management, and passenger health and safety.

About Tower Lifts

The Tower Lifts team has been designing and installing bespoke lifts across every sector for nearly two decades. Over the past 5 years we have developed our elevator consultancy organically in London and across the UK. As trusted specialists we are now working with clients on tailored consultancy packages. Whether you want a one-off service, or you’d like to hand over management of your elevator maintenance to a trusted specialist, we can provide peace of mind for your business.

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