Electric Service Lift in Zheng Restaurant

Dumb waiter Installation Speeds Up Service at Zheng Restaurant in Chelsea

The Tower Lifts installation team must have fitted thousands of dumb waiter lifts over the past fifteen years, but we never stop delighting in the long and productive life this ingenious invention continues to enjoy since its inception in 1879! The dumb waiter lift is at once a labour-saving device, and a service enhancement; it simply facilitates the speedy and efficient transportation of goods from one location to another, meaning that customers are served more quickly, food arrives hot from the kitchen, and staff can concentrate their attention where they are needed most.

Electric Service lift (Dumb waiter) installation in Chelsea, London

The Zheng restaurant in London provides its diners with a superb menu of Chinese-Malaysian dishes, created by a team of expert chefs. They wanted to find the most efficient solution to ensuring that food arrived at precisely the right temperature for their customers, and reduce the potential for staff collisions and spillages as they transported the food from the kitchen to the restaurant table. The Electric Service Lift increases the efficiency of any restaurant dramatically, and can be fitted quickly and with a minimum of disruption to the daily routines of the staff. We are delighted that Zheng chose Tower Lifts to complete their dumbwaiter installation.

Electric Service Lifts

Dumb waiter Lifts Solve Problems Across Sectors

The original dumbwaiter lift was designed to improve service in large private houses, and its first commercial success came as restaurants recognised its potential for enhancing the customer experience. Over the past 150 years it has spread its influence across a broad range of sectors; Tower lifts has installed and advised on dumb waiter lifts in hotels, schools, libraries, sports stores, hospitals, museums, and warehouses.

Tower Lifts Provides Clients with Expertise, Experience, and Skilled Installation

Many of the projects we work on begin with creative discussions in response to business problems our clients are encountering. Our decades of experience allow us to provide detailed and trustworthy suggestions, which can then be adapted to the unique operating environment presented by each new job.

If your business requires a Dumb waiter lift then don’t hesitate to call Tower Lifts, we also service and maintain all lift installations that we provide to ensure maximum performance for each client.


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