Dumbwaiter Repair

The dumbwaiter is one of our most popular lifts because it’s a workhorse. Need hot food delivered from the kitchen to the dining room? The dumbwaiter does the job. Want goods transported from a stock room to the shop floor? The dumbwaiter is on the case. Wherever efficiency and speed is required in the retail and hospitality sector, the dumbwaiter is the potential solution.

Need a Dumbwaiter Repair Company?

The Tower lifts team has designed and installed dumbwaiters for restaurants, leading shoe shop chains, pizzerias and fresh food outlets. Our clients tell us that our installation improved speed of delivery, not to mention health and safety, as well as saving the shoe leather of retail assistants and waiters – who would otherwise have been clambering up and down stairs to serve customers.

Scheduled Dumbwaiter Maintenance

Dumbwaiters are front line lifts that are built to work at maximum capacity day in, day out. Given the stress they’re constantly put under, though, and the environments they work in, they need regular maintenance to maintain their performance.

Tower Lifts provides maintenance contracts that are tailored to the specific requirements of your installation. A dumbwaiter in a shoe shop won’t be facing the same conditions as one in a busy kitchen, for example. We take into account the age of the lift, its daily usage and its maintenance history.

Prompt & Reliable Dumbwaiter Repair

All maintenance is preventive, and its aim is to minimise the risk of lift breakdown. It cannot, however, remove the risk entirely. Which is why lift owners need to plan for the possibility of breakdown. If you’re in the middle of the working day/or night and your dumbwaiter ceases to function, you need to know that you have a plan in place for emergency repairs.

Emergency lift repair is included in your maintenance contract. This means that, 24/7, you’ll get an immediate response to your call. Our lift repair engineers are usually able to get a lift up and running immediately. If we’re unable to make an instant repair, we’ll notify you of when your lift will be up and running again. And of course, we’ll do everything we can to expedite repairs.

Ongoing Repairs and Upgrades

Given the wear-and-tear on dumb waiter lifts, our maintenance engineers carry out running repairs as part of their regular checks. These may be ‘like-for-like’ or ‘upgrades’:

  • Like-for-Like Repairs. These are carried out where a component is worn. The replacement component is identical and will maintain the current level of performance.
  • Upgrades. These represent an opportunity to improve the efficiency, or durability of your lift installation. An upgraded component will provide an enhanced performance.

Why Use Tower Lifts for Dumbwaiter Repair?

Tower Lifts has been designing and installing dumbwaiter lifts across the UK for nearly 2 decades now. Our maintenance and repair engineers are both highly skilled and thoroughly experienced. They can be trusted to minimise disruption to business, and offer dumbwaiter repair promptly where it’s needed. If you require peace-of-mind that your dumbwaiter is in safe hands – Tower Lifts can give you that.

Looking for a skilled & reliable, UK wide dumbwaiter repair company? Tower Lifts has designed and installed dumb waiter lifts for nearly 2 decades – 01525 601099