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Dumbwaiter Lifts

‘Dumbwaiter’ is a peculiarly British title given to a uniquely British invention. Back in the 19th century when afternoon tea was an excuse for scurrilous social gossip, servants were a liability. In order to avoid them ‘leaking’ any libellous remarks they overheard, the dumbwaiter was born. This pleasingly insensate serving aid presented tea and cakes in an entirely mechanical manner.

It rather pleases the Tower Lifts team that, well over a century later, we continue the tradition of dumbwaiter installations. The lift has changed shape since the early prototype, and no longer requires manual intervention. But 21st century dumbwaiter lifts still carry out the same function, moving goods, or food, from one location to another without the need of human labour.

What is a Dumbwaiter or Kitchen Lift?

Dumbwaiter lifts are small kitchen lifts, designed to carry food, laundry or goods. The cabinet-sized aperture is normally placed at waist height for convenience. Food or items requiring transit are loaded in the kitchen, and the dumbwaiter carries them to their desired location. The lift remains popular because it’s an excellent health and safety device, and allows waiters, to remain public-facing rather than running up and down stairs.

There are concerns about the name of the lift, as people worry it might sound derogatory. The US version is a ‘Lazy Susan’, and in Germany it’s a ‘Lazy Waiter’

Residential Dumbwaiters

The dumbwaiter lift was created for use in large private houses and, more recently, it’s achieved popularity once more in the residential sector. This residential dumbwaiter lift is now proving invaluable to households with older people or wheelchair users. It’s an excellent way to move goods between floors independently. The dumbwaiter remains a useful way of transporting food between a kitchen on one floor, and dining room on another.

Commercial Dumbwaiters

Commercial dumbwaiters have never gone out of fashion since their invention in the UK. Early on they were installed in hotel and restaurant kitchens. Over the course of the 20th century, however, they could be found in shops, factories, galleries and large public buildings. The Tower Lifts team has recently adapted the dumb waiter technology to ensure that JD Sports customers are served quickly and efficiently.

Tower Lifts Dumbwaiter UK Installations

Tower Lifts are known for their bespoke designs for passenger lifts, platform lifts and dumbwaiters. Whether we’re designing for a residential care home, a busy commercial kitchen, or the Barbican art gallery, the same process takes place. First we find out the problem is that the dumbwaiter needs to solve, then we create a unique solution. The dumb waiter can be fitted relatively quickly with a minimum of disruption.

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