Dumbwaiter Lifts in London


The Many Roles of the Dumbwaiter Lift

Many years ago, Dumbwaiter Lifts in London were extremely popular in the houses of the rich and privileged. Maids would use them to deliver laundry to the laundry room from different rooms in the house. They negated the need to carry handfuls of dirty washing through the house, saving time, a lot of hassle and preventing injury. When the washing was cleaned, ironed and folded, it could be easily transported back to the correct room ready for collection.

These days, although this is still the case in some homes, it is more likely that you will have seen Dumbwaiter Lifts in London restaurants and public houses.


DumbWaiters london

In fact, we recently wrote an article on one such food lift installation in London recently.

They are an extremely convenient way to deliver food and food orders between floors, saving waiters and waitresses the hassle of running up and down stairs to collect orders, and ultimately preventing a lot of accidents.

They are also very useful in hotel settings, working either for the transport of food, or as a service lift.

The convenient nature of Dumb waiter Lifts in London’s service industry means that there is never a reason for the receptionist to leave the desk, eliminating the possibility of having clients waiting in an empty foyer. The lifts are extremely heavy-duty, able to carry large weights. However, Tower Lifts recommends that they are not used to transport people!

These Dumbwaiter Lifts can come with heated shelves to keep food warm, intercom systems for easy communication between floors and additional shelves to use the maximum capacity available. At Tower Lifts, we realise that a “one-size fits all approach doesn’t work, and so our food lifts can be built to each individual’s needs. We provide maintenance on all our Lifts in London, so you can rest assured any issues will be dealt with efficiently. Whatever your requirements are, we are certain to be able to provide the right lift for you.

If you have a requirement for a Dumbwaiter lift installation in London, we have experience fitting dumbwaiters in Covent GardenFulhamBelgraviaHyde ParkHolland Park and many more areas throughout London and the UK, so please get in touch. Call us today on 01525 601099 or email us at info@tower-lifts.co.uk