Dumbwaiter Lift Sizes

‘How big is a dumbwaiter lift?’ is rather like asking ‘How long is a piece of string?’. The dumbwaiter is a small goods lift with a capacity of 50-100 kg. Beyond that, the dimensions will depend upon the specific job the dumbwaiter has to do, and its operating environment. For over 10 years now, Tower Lifts has been creating bespoke commercial and residential dumbwaiter lifts in response to the particular problems that clients needs solving.

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Restaurant Dumbwaiter Lift Sizes

The dumbwaiter lift was originally designed to carry food from downstairs kitchens to upstairs dining rooms in the Victorian period. They were built to replace a waiter who would have to balance the plates whilst climbing the stairs. Contemporary dumbwaiters for restaurants still carry out this same function.

A standard restaurant table is calculated on the basis of 4 diners. In order to calculate the size of your dumbwaiter you need to create enough depth and width for 4 of your largest plates. Whilst you may be tempted to stretch dimensions to 5 or 6 plates, remember that the dumbwaiter will ‘steal’ space from both your kitchen and restaurant. The cabin should be high enough to take a bottle of wine and – taking into account numerous bottles of wine – capacity can be up to 100kg.

Dumbwaiter Lifts for Retail

Tower Lifts often gets asked to create commercial dumbwaiter lifts for shops where floor staff have to retrieve stock from a storeroom (shoe shops often encounter this problem). Rather than leaving the customer waiting, a bespoke dumbwaiter lift can automate the process. The size of the cabin will be dependent on the number of units being retrieved at any one time.

Our design team has created dumbwaiter lifts for JD Sports outlets across the UK. Our latest installation was a trio of lifts that would be fully visible to customers in their busy Leeds store. In this case the size was also determined by the aesthetic requirements.

Residential Dumbwaiter Lifts

Home lifts have experienced a rapid growth in popularity over the past few years and this includes residential dumbwaiters. They can be invaluable for carrying shopping bags, laundry or piles of books from one floor to another. In older properties our designers will make use of a defunct chimney breast, or laundry cupboard to create a shaft for the mechanism.

A residential dumbwaiter is likely to be smaller than those designed for commercial spaces, and they’ll require less capacity. Typically a dumbwaiter lift sizes for residential use will come in at around 750mm x 750mm, with a capacity of 50kg.

Why Use Tower Lifts for Dumbwaiter Lift Design?

Tower Lifts designers and installers are skilled and experienced engineers who have over a decade’s experience in creating bespoke lifts for commercial and residential clients. We’ll always start by considering the problem that needs solving and our dumbwaiter solution is always tailored to specific, rather than generic, requirements. Finally, we’re passionate about what we do, and adore a challenge!

Tower Lifts determine dumbwaiter lift sizes according to the specific problem that requires solving. We design, install and maintain bespoke lifts – 01525 601099

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