Dumbwaiter Installers in London

Over the past two decades Tower Lifts engineers have installed more dumbwaiters in London than we care to remember. This workhorse of a lift is tremendously popular both in the residential, and the commercial sectors. Whether it’s delivering hot food for diners, transporting linen for hotels, or moving goods from the store room to the shop floor, the dumbwaiter provides unstinting service, day in, day out.

As dumbwaiter installers in London we thought that we’d seen every use possible for these lifts, but now, as a result of the Covid pandemic, the dumbwaiter has found a new function. The stainless steel compartment is being used by dentists to move objects from the clean room to their surgery without incurring any contact. With a new focus on hygiene, this is likely to be an idea that is adopted widely over the next few months.

Dumbwaiter Installation from Tower Lifts

Whatever the reason for dumbwaiter goods lift installation in London, we’ll always start out by carrying out an on site survey. We need to know the what the lift will be used for, the dimensions, and where the shaft will be located. If there are any architectural challenges, or obstructions, we’re known for being creative problem solvers and we’ll work out ways to manage the installation successfully.

The installation itself is a fairly simple process which can take as little as one or two days to complete. The dumbwaiter lift can be designed for a comfortable loading height, finished in a range of materials, and additional security or safety features can be integrated as required.

Case Study #1

JD Sports is a UK wide brand, with a reputation for being the ‘King of Trainers’. They approached Tower Lifts with a business problem that needed a vertical transport solution. JD customer assistants were having to leave the shop floor in order to fetch trainers from the store room for people to try on. How could they keep them customer facing, whilst maintaining the flow of stock to the shop?

Tower Lifts engineers suggested the installation of a dumbwaiter lift in the JD Store. This stopped the problems with congestion back and forth to the store room. It maintained the level of service for customers. And sales assistants were able to give all their attention where it mattered most. This simple but effective solution has now been rolled out in JD Sports stores across the UK.

Case Study #2

The San Carlo – Cicchetti restaurant in Covent Garden wanted to restore a defunct double dumbwaiter lift. The lift shaft was still in place, so we designed a cabins that were bespoke to the original dimensions. Once complete the dumbwaiter looked gleaming, contemporary and newly installed. This tailored solution was fast and efficient as the shaft was already in place.

Working With Tower Lifts

We’re a London lift company with a great reputation for creating dumbwaiter solutions that are both elegant and efficient. Our designers and installers bring to each project huge experience, passion and skills. Whatever you need your dumbwaiter lift to do, and wherever you need it installed, you can trust Tower Lifts with the task.

If you are thinking about having a dumbwaiter lift installed, call Tower Lifts today to talk to our team of designers about it – 01525 601099

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