Dumbwaiter Installation London

The popular dumbwaiter lift is nowhere more in demand than in London. For over a century restaurants have used dumbwaiter lifts to transport hot food from the kitchen to diners’ tables. Hotels use them for transporting linen. And increasingly, private homes use them for shifting shopping and heavy goods from one floor to another. The dumbwaiter installation in London is ubiquitous and never falls out of fashion.

Tower Lifts installers and designers have been supplying bespoke dumbwaiters across the capital for nearly 20 years now. We love this workhorse of a lift and enjoy observing and participating in its evolution as new sectors discover and celebrate its potential.

Residential Dumbwaiters

Perhaps the fastest growing demand for dumbwaiter lifts comes from the residential sector. The versatility of this small goods lift is prized by people adapting their homes to life in a wheelchair. It’s an ideal solution for heavy shopping bags, piles of laundry, or heavy items delivered to the front door. The small cabinet opening can be set at the height you wish, and there’s a range of dumbwaiter sizes available.

Retail Dumbwaiter Design

Much of our dumbwaiter installation in London is currently coming from the retail sector. For many shops the battle is to keep customer-facing staff in the shop, without taking them off the shop floor to retrieve stock. Dumbwaiter lifts can be customised to fulfil this function perfectly.

  • Size? Carnaby St. Sells the latest footwear, clothing and accessories. In their busy Carnaby St store they were having problems maintaining the required volume of staff on the shop floor. Tower Lifts removed an outdated 4 stop dumb waiter installation, and replaced it with a stylish upgrade that now carries stock from the basement through 4 sales floors.

Classic Dumbwaiter Design for Restaurants

A dumbwaiter installation in a restaurant looks ‘right’; it completes the aesthetic. Maybe that’s because restaurants were the first establishments to recognise their potential. Most Victorian kitchens were in the basement with the dining rooms above. This made the stairway a hellish bottleneck as staff battled to get the food to their customers’ tables.

  • San Carlo – Cicchetti, Covent Garden. The owner of this fashionable Italian restaurant took a look at his legacy dumbwaiter shaft and asked Tower Lifts to extend it. The original lift shaft now houses two gleaming dumb waiter lifts that work steadily throughout the day. These elegant restaurant features sit beside the bar and form something of a centrepiece for diners.

About Tower Lifts

Tower Lifts is a leading London Lift Company providing passenger lifts, platform lifts and goods lifts to a variety of clients across the capital. Our reputation is particularly strong in relation to the bespoke design and installation service we offer. Our bespoke design engineers create lifts that are precisely matched to the operating environment, design aesthetic and security requirements of a building.

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