Dumbwaiter for Home Use

Choosing a Dumbwaiter for Home Use

The dumbwaiter lift was invented back in Victorian times to make life easier in large houses. Instead of relying on staff carrying your food from a basement kitchen to a first floor dining room, the dumbwaiter mechanism did the job for you. This ingenious device was quickly adopted by commercial kitchens, and restaurants still rely on them to this day.

So why consider a dumbwaiter for home use when the size of our homes has shrunk considerably? The dumbwaiter lift is now being used as a component of ‘future planning’. This describes the process of adapting your family home to accommodate the ageing process. Planning ahead in this way allows the family home to remain an accessible and manageable living environment for as many years as you wish to live in it.

Where Does the Dumbwaiter Fit Into Future Planning?

Dumbwaiter lifts can be used to provide a way of moving goods from one floor to another within the home. Washing, for example, can be moved from the ground floor to the bedrooms without having to manage the load up a flight of stairs. Where the kitchen and the dining room are on separate floors, this small service lift can quickly and efficiently transport meals, drinks, or groceries to where they need to be.

5 Tips for Choosing a Dumbwaiter for Home Use

If you think that a dumbwaiter could play a useful role in the efficiency of your home, there are some choices to be made:

  1. Positioning. A dumbwaiter lift is small and discrete. This means that it can be fitted quickly and easily where it’s most needed in your home. Tower Lifts designers can help you to decide where the best location for your dumbwaiter would be.
  2. Size. If you know what you wish to transport in your dumbwaiter, it’s easy enough to determine its size. The Tower Lifts team can create a bespoke lift for your needs, based on the space required to transport your goods safely.
  3. One or More? A ‘future proofing’ project involves considering how your house needs to work if your mobility was reduced significantly. Tasks which you may consider simple right now, become far harder if you require help to walk, or you’re using a wheelchair.
  4. Custom Finish. Your dumbwaiter lift can be finished to seamlessly integrate with your current internal décor. Or, you may wish to to create a classic look that could match your home’s interior whatever stylistic decisions you make in the years to come.
  5. Maintenance. If a dumbwaiter lift is part of your ‘future proofing’ strategy you’re likely to increase your usage as time goes by. Tower Lifts can create a maintenance and repair package which reflects this and will adapt to your requirements.

About Tower Lifts

For nearly 2 decades now, the designers and installers at Tower Lifts have been adapting state-of-the-art technology to match the needs and requirements of 21st century living. We leading providers of home lift, platform lift and dumbwaiter transport, and we’re happy to provide advice and guidance on integrating them into your home.

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