Dumbwaiter Elevator

Dumbwaiter Elevator

Every Hotel Requires a Dumbwaiter Elevator

Grand hotels are rather like grand country houses used to be – which is perhaps why staying in them is such a treat. Upon arrival all reminders of quotidian existence disappear, to be replaced with the immediate gratification of of your needs, from delicious food to laundry, to taxis and theatre tickets. You no longer have to worry how these things happen, or whether they’ll happen, you’re simply required to sit back and enjoy.

Alongside the army of workers who maintain the service at a grand hotel, are the lift installations. Rather like an artery system, vertical transport keeps people, luggage, food and laundry moving around the hotel efficiently. The biggest workhorse of them all is the dumbwaiter elevator. It was created for large country houses, so it seems only right and proper to find this popular feature at the heart of contemporary hotel logistics.

What is a Dumbwaiter Elevator?

Dumbwaiter lifts are small goods lifts, designed to carry laundry, food or equipment through a number of floors. They originated with the need to transport hot food from the basement kitchen to the ground or first floor dining room. The dumbwaiter elevator saved on servants’ shoe leather, delivered food piping hot, and alleviated the traffic on small service stairways.

The Commercial Uses of Dumbwaiter Lifts

It didn’t take long for dumbwaiter lifts to find their way into restaurants, public houses, large stores, and hotels. The advantages were obvious. Productivity increased as humans no longer had to race around with food or goods. Service to customers improved because waiters and sales people were able to focus purely on them. And finally, health and safety was enhanced as the stairways were finally cleared.

Installing a Dumbwaiter in Your Hotel

Tower Lifts is used to working in the hotel environment. We’ve installed countless passenger lifts, goods lifts and dumbwaiter lifts over the past two decades. There’s no ‘standard size’ when it comes to dumbwaiters. So our lift designers always start out by finding out the proposed function of the lift, the likely volume it will carry, and the geography of the hotel.

Your bespoke dumbwaiter elevator can be finished to seamlessly match the décor of its surroundings. Hygienic stainless steel interiors make the surfaces easy to keep spotlessly clean. Dumbwaiters can carry loads up to 100kg, and travel at a standard speed of 0.45MPS. We guarantee that your lift will provide the specific solution you require for your hotel environment.

Working With Tower Lifts

We’re a leading provider of bespoke lift designs in the UK. Our designers and installers combine engineering skills with decades of experience both nationally and internationally. Once your lift is installed, we can provide a maintenance contract to ensure ongoing performance excellence and emergency repairs 24/7, should they be required. We also provide lift consultancy for hotel owners who need to know their lift infrastructure is in excellent hands.

Would you like to know more about our bespoke designs for hotel dumbwaiter elevators? Call the Tower Lifts design team today on 01525 601099

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