Dumbwaiter Design

Dumbwaiter Design

It’s such a clever idea that you wonder why there isn’t one in every home, shop and restaurant in the UK. The Tower Lifts design team believe that it won’t be long before the dumbwaiter lift is an integral part of building design – and many of our clients wish it already was!

The dumbwaiter lift is a small goods lift that moves food, laundry, shopping or light goods between floors. It was invented for large houses with a kitchen in the basement and a dining room on the ground floor. Over the past century the simplicity of the dumbwaiter design means that its found its way into just about every area of our lives.

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Bespoke Dumbwaiter Design

It’s easy to design a dumbwaiter lift that does exactly what you want it to do in your home or business. If you need it to transport laundry from the utility room to the first floor, we can seamlessly integrate it into your home. If you’re a restaurant owner and you need to move hot food from the kitchen to diners’ tables fast, we can create the perfect solution.

Tower Lifts design engineers have been creating sleek, elegant, efficient and reliable dumbwaiter lifts for nearly two decades now. Our bespoke dumbwaiter installation service ensures that we create unique solutions to commercial and domestic problems. Dependent on your requirements, we can vary the size, height, material, style and finish of your dumbwaiter design.

3 Dumbwaiter Design Case Studies

The dumbwaiter designs we create for our commercial clients tend to be utterly distinct. Here are 3 examples:

1. San Carlo – Cicchetti

This stylish restaurant in Covent Garden was looking for a pair of dumb waiters which would integrate with the style of the restaurant. Whilst the request was simple, there was a challenge in waiting for our design engineers. The restaurant already had a dumb waiter lift shaft, which had to be utilised for the new design.

2. JD Sports

Staff delivering trainers to JD’s customers found that they were walking a marathon a week between the store room and the shop floor. The owners wanted staff to focus on their face-to-face interactions, so they asked us for a solution. The original bespoke dumbwaiter installation in Dundrum Shopping Centre in Ireland has now been repeated across the UK.

3. Inclined Conveyor System for Schuh

Not the traditional dumbwaiter design, but certainly inspired by it. This famous shoe chain were looking for fast, reliable transport between the stock room and the shop floor. We created an inclined conveyor belt system to ensure the prompt delivery of shoes to customers in Birmingham. This bespoke dumbwaiter installation has created a prototype for roll out across the country.

Top Quality Dumbwaiter Design from Tower lifts

The Tower Lifts design and installation team is a leading international provider of bespoke platform lifts, passenger lifts and dumbwaiters. We always start with the problem to be solved and design an elegant and efficient response to it. All our lifts have reliability, high performance and safety hard-wired into them.

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