We are currently working on a project in the San Carlo Fumo Restaurant in Manchester

The first part of the project was to install two dumb waiters to allow the easy movement of food and drinks between the floor of the restaurant and the kitchen of the San Carlo Fumo Restaurant in Manchester. Often referred to as food lifts, these versatile lifts allow food to get to the service area quickly and without losing heat. It also means the quick and easy return of dirty items after the meal has been finished. It reduces the physical strain on staff carrying items up and down stairs and removes the chance of a slip or trip leading to a nasty accident. They are rapidly becoming the must-have item in a restaurant or hotel that works across more than one level and with quiet and discreet operation, can work perfectly in almost any setting.

Please take a look at the Dumb Waiter options we currently have available.

Cantilever Platform Lift

Inclined Integrated Platform Lift Installation

The second, ongoing part of the job is the installation of an integrated platform lift. The installation is unique as the lift is completely hidden in the floor.

The TLP1000 Wheelchair Lift is a novel method overcoming short sets of steps, in the home or in public spaces, indoors or out. Covering stairs that rise up to 1m, the platform lift is discreetly hidden in a pit at the foot of the steps when not in use, so it won’t take up any space or be an obstruction in the stair well.

This is an ideal solution for buildings that have more than one level but don’t have the space to have a vertical lift fitted. It allows a person to be carried up and down a straight or a curved stairway while remaining seated in their wheelchair.

The integrated platform lift is designed to seamlessly integrate with the surroundings, in any size you need. It can also be finished in any colour and with any type of floor covering, from tiles, carpet and linoleum to even flagstones or artificial grass!

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