Dumb Waiters for San Carlo – Cicchetti

We are currently engaged in an ongoing project to install two new dumb waiters for an upcoming restaurant. San Carlo – Cicchetti is a new, high-quality Italian restaurant which will soon be opening in a prestigious Covent Garden location.


Of course, restaurants thrive when they provide not only great food but great customer service, and a big part of this is ensuring that customers are not kept waiting too long before they receive their food. To help ensure quick and efficient service for customers who expect the best, we are installing two dumb waiters, which are also known as food lifts, to quickly and easily transport dishes between floors.

This project presented one very particular challenge, because there was already an existing shaft for a dumb waiter in place. Naturally the restaurant wanted to make use of the facilities it already had in place, and so we had to custom-design the dumb waiters, providing a solution that was specially tailored to the shaft that was already in place.

We offer a comprehensive range of dumb waiters solutions that can accommodate your exact requirements. Please take a look at a few other Dumb Waiter options we currently have available.