Tower Lifts Install Two Dumb Waiters for JD Sports in Luton

When JD Sports in the Dundrum Shopping Centre in Ireland installed two dumb waiter lifts, they were so delighted with the simplicity, speed and efficiency of this transportation for goods between floors that they have now asked us to install a further two dumb waiter lifts in their JD Sports Store in Luton, Bedfordshire.

Why a Dumb Waiter is called a ‘Dumb Waiter’?

jd sports logoYou’ll find dumb waiter lifts installed in restaurants, pubs, retail outlets, libraries, hotels and food halls across the country. This small but hugely significant lift was first invented in the middle of the nineteenth century and became popular immediately because it saved staff having to run up and down stairs every time they needed to serve a meal or a customer. Instead, a series of platforms would be loaded up and hydraulically transported between floors in half the time it would take its human counterpart. And how did it get its name? Well the lift did the job of a waiter, but thankfully it lacked the sharp or insolent tongue that often accompanied numerous trips between floors!

Installing Dumb Waiter Lifts to Order

The team at Tower Lifts has witnessed a sharp growth in the popularity of the dumb waiter lift over the past decade. Wherever large numbers of goods, or high qualities of food, need to be shifted regularly throughout the day, this lift provides the perfect, cost-effective installation. This is not, however, a one-size-fits-all solution; our design team works with each client, carefully assessing the specific needs and requirements which will be taken into consideration throughout the installation process. This might include awareness of the weight and dimensions of the goods being transported, the regularity and speed of the transportation required, and the fluctuations in demand upon the installation in the course of a working day.

Tower Lifts Treats Each Client as Unique

At Tower Lifts our aim is to provide a streamlined solution to our clients’ unique transportation needs. We will never suggest a ‘standard’ installation because the one thing our many years of experience have taught us is that no lift installation is standard. With each of our clients our work begins by listening, understanding their business, and understanding their transportation needs within the context of that business. Only once we have gained this understanding will we offer advice on the transportation we would recommend. Over the years our clients have come to trust this considered approach, and we are delighted to find that – like JD Sports – more often than not we are asked back for further installations.

If you have a dumbwaiter lift installed which requires maintenance or repairs, we have a team of experts ready and willing to keep your dumbwaiter lift working safely and efficiently. Call today on 01525 601099


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