Tower Lifts Installs 2 Dumb Waiter Lifts for JD Sports in Coventry

The first JD Sports shop opened in Bury 33 years ago and it’s unlikely that its owners could have foreseen then the huge success their brand would achieve in the coming decades. JD Sports now has 800 stores across the Britain and its strapline ‘Undisputed King of Trainers’ bears witness to the fact that thousands of pairs of trainers are tried and sold in branches across the UK daily.

Tower Lifts Provides Transportation Solutions That Meet Clients’ Needs

jd sports logo Tower Lifts is delighted to have had a part to play in JD’s phenomenal growth; the installation of a dumb waiter lift in the Dundrum Shopping Centre branch of JD Sports in Ireland provided a perfect solution to the problem of moving trainers between floors without taking sales staff away from their customers. Our designers suggested the simple, cost-effective service lift which provides efficient and reliable vertical transportation for goods. Having successfully installed versions of the dumb-waiter lift in restaurants, pubs, retail outlets and hotels across the UK, our team was confident that the most recent install for the JD sports store in Coventry would prove just as effective for the company.

Working With Clients to Find the Perfect Lift Installation for Their Needs

Since fitting the prototype dumb waiters in Ireland, Tower Lifts has now fitted platform lifts in JD Sports branches in Luton, Doncaster and Coventry. We are always delighted to receive repeat orders for work from our clients and we firmly believe that our success as lift installers is rooted in our recognition of the importance of fully understanding our clients’ needs, assessing the right solution for the context in which the lift will be operating, and adapting the transportation in order to ensure that it provides the perfect solution to the initial problem.

Tower Lifts – A Team with Experience and Skills

Every one of our designers and installers has both engineering skills and years of experience to contribute when advising clients. Over the past two decades one of the most important things that we have learnt is that there is no such thing as a standard lift installation, as every operating environment is different. Even our dumb waiter lifts are adapted and modified, therefore, to ensure that they are perfectly suited to the specific requirements of the client.

We are happy to have found a way to allow JD Sports to enjoy their phenomenal growth without compromising their efficiency, and we look forward to continuing to provide reliable transportation for their sports goods.

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