Dumb Waiter Service Lift

Dumb Waiter Service Lift Design

Imagine having a house full of eavesdroppers who might listen in to your private conversations and spread scurrilous gossip about you. This is the problem that the dumb waiter service lift was invented to solve. Aristocratic 19th century households were keen to keep domestic servants with flapping ears out of the drawing room, so they replaced them with a domestic small goods lift.

Over the past 200 years dumb waiter lifts have escaped the sitting room and found a purpose in restaurants, hotels and pubs, retail outlets, and warehouses. Most recently they made a reappearance in the domestic space. Residential dumbwaiters now provide assistance to disabled, or older people who use them for carrying food, shopping or laundry to every floor of the house.

Installing Commercial Dumb Waiter Lifts

The Tower Lifts team thinks of the dumb waiter as the ‘work horse’ of the vertical transport family. In the 21st century its lack of ears is less important than its ability to work efficiently for long periods without a break. The presence of dumb waiters in the commercial sphere has reduced the risk of accidents at work, and increased the potential for customer-facing employees to spend time on the shop floor, or in the dining area.

When a commercial client tells us they need a dumb waiter service lift installed, we’ll spend some time observing operations in order to gain a clear understanding of what the exact function of the dumb waiter lift is. Whether we’re moving trainers for JD Sports, pizzas for San Carlo – Cicchetti in Covent Garden, or fresh produce for Selfridges Food Hall, we’ll create the perfect goods lift solution.

A Residential Dumb Waiter Service Lift Design

Often the Tower Lifts team will design and install residential dumb waiters alongside platform lifts for the home. It contributes to a comprehensive system designed to provide access to every floor of the house. There are a number of ways in which dumb waiter lifts can be custom-built for the home:

  • Size. Dumb waiter lift sizes will vary according to their function in the home. Whether you need to move luggage, sports equipment, or food, Tower Lifts will create an appropriately sized cabinet.
  • Position. If we are installing a service lift for a wheelchair user, we’ll ensure that the aperture and controls are appropriately positioned for ease of use. Controls can also be customised for partially sighted users.
  • Heated Dumb Waiters. If you plan to move food from the kitchen to your dining room we’ll design an easy-clean cabinet with the option of a heated surface to keep your meals piping hot.
  • Customised Colours and Surround. Dumb waiters come in all shapes and sizes, and the same goes for colours and surrounds. Your lift can be designed to seamlessly integrate with your interior décor, or form a stylish feature in your home.

Working With Tower Lifts

We are a leading UK provider of the dumb waiter service lift for commercial and residential settings. Each of our dumb waiter lifts is bespoke. Our skilled and experienced Tower Lifts designers will tailor the size, shape and features of the lift to clients’ specific requirements. Once your dumb waiter is installed, we can provide ongoing maintenance and repairs. Our maintenance contracts are tailored to each individual client, and ensure compliance with LOLER regulations, continued premium performance, and emergency repairs should you need them.

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