Dumb Waiter London

If you’re looking for an employee who works 24 hours a day without complaint, never takes time off for holidays or illness, always delivers on time, and can be relied upon to keep their mouth shut at all times – for free – a dumb waiter lift might fit the bill. This humble, but exceedingly efficient goods lift, was designed to replace gossipy and clumsy servants – hence the name!

Why Have Dumbwaiter Lifts Endured?

Sometimes the simpler the idea, the more enduring its realisation. Huge cities like London rely on vertical transport to keep people and products on the move. Whether it’s laundry in a hotel, food in a restaurant, retail products in shops, or heavy shopping bags in the home, the dumb waiter lift is ideal. It’s fast, efficient, consistent – and it doesn’t talk back.

What Problems Do Dumbwaiter Lift Installations Solve?

The Tower Lifts design team are good at solving problems, which is why we’ve led the way in London with bespoke design and lift installations over the past 2 decades. The dumb waiter lift has been one of our most popular ‘problem solvers’ during that time:

1. Improving Productivity in Busy Shops. We were asked by JD Sports to help them out with a productivity problem they were encountering. Their shops are busy every minute of the day, but in order to serve customers, assistants were having to leave the shop floor to get items from a stock room. The Tower Lifts team suggested a dumb waiter lift and they now feature in stores across the country.

2. Enhancing Diners’ Enjoyment in Restaurants. Where the kitchen’s on one floor and the dining room’s on another, multiple problems can arise. Dumbwaiter lifts ensure that food arrives hot, and as it left the kitchen. Spillages and collisions on stairways are minimised, and restaurateurs are now turning the dumbwaiter lift into ‘theatre’ by featuring it in their dining area.

3. Future-Proofing Homes. More and more homeowners are thinking about ways in which they can use lift technology to ensure a long-term future in their own home. Tower Lifts designers work with clients to create a vertical transport infrastructure in their home, and the dumbwaiter lifts are key. They can be customised to allow for the transport of goods throughout the house, such as laundry, shopping bags, meals, or light objects.

4. Accessing Archives. London is a city of archives, and many of the collections held need extremely careful handling. The dumb waiter lift is a safe and secure way to move fragile and light-sensitive objects between floors with the minimum of handling. Tower Lifts is increasingly working with museums and art galleries on the transportation of fragile objects and artworks using bespoke dumb waiter lift installations.

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Bespoke Designs for Dumb Waiter Lifts in London

If you have a logistical problem that involves the movement of goods in London, the Tower Lifts team will most likely be able to come up with a solution. We’ve created horizontal dumbwaiter lifts, decorative dumb waiters and even invisible dumb waiters, to solve logistical problems for clients.

Looking for a bespoke dumb waiter lift in London? Tower Lifts are UK leaders when it comes to using dumbwaiters to solve logistical problems. Call us today on 01525 601099

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