Tower Lifts Installs a Dumb Waiter for JD Sports in Doncaster

The measure of a great invention is that it has the capacity to change the way we live our lives without us noticing how it happened. Think of the ball-point pen, or the mobile phone. For most people lifts – or elevators – are to do with the vertical transportation of passengers, but from the very start lifts were providing a far more wide-ranging potential for innovation in the industrial and commercial sectors. If lifts can move people between floors they can also move goods and, whilst this may sound like stating the obvious, the application of this idea has transformed operations for light industry, hospitality and retail. The movement of goods can be streamlined through the use of goods lifts, removing the need for excessive manpower and increasing efficiency by regulating the speed and regularity of delivery.

Dumb Waiter Installation Enhances Efficiency for JD Sports

jd sports logoJD Sports has 800 branches across the UK, each of which needs to maximise the efficiency of the way in which goods are transported from the delivery vans to the stockroom and from the stockroom to the sales floor on a daily basis. JD recognised that the value of the sales staff lay in their interactions with customers, and yet they were constantly being pulled off the sales floor to retrieve stock. In consultation with Tower Lifts, a dumb waiter lift was installed in the Dundrum Shopping Centre branch, in Ireland, in order to address this problem. JD Sports were delighted with the results; this simple goods lift – modified to suit the specific needs of the store – delivered a cost-effective and time-efficient method of placing the maximum number of sports trainers before customers with the minimum amount of physical effort, meaning sales staff stayed on the sales floor.

Tower Lifts Install Platform Lifts for Business Innovation

Since the initial lift installation in Ireland, JD Sports have asked Tower Lifts to install dumb waiters in Luton, Coventry and now Doncaster. Needless to say, the Tower Lifts team is delighted to be part of this success story, delivering business innovation to a great brand. Whether our goods lift installation is about moving food, retail goods, artworks or machinery, our design and installation team have nearly two decades of experience in fitting goods lifts and we will always work closely with clients to ensure that:

  • Our goods lifts enhance efficiency.
  • Our goods lifts provide cost-effective transportation of goods and services to the customer.
  • Our goods lifts allow existing staff to work ‘smart’ and optimise the value they bring to the business.
  • Our goods lifts offer a reliable service day in, day out.

If you have a dumbwaiter lift installed which requires maintenance or repairs, we have a team of experts ready and willing to keep your dumbwaiter lift working safely and efficiently. Call today on 01525 601099


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