Tower Lifts Install Dumb Waiter in London Shoe Shop “Size?”

Tower Lifts have a great deal of experience installing dumb waiter lifts in London and have a built a reputation for performing high-quality, professional dumb waiter installations. That reputation is why we were the first choice for boutique shoe shop “Size?” when they required a new lift to be installed.

The company required a dumb waiter to move products between floors in their busy Carnaby Street, London store

Dumbwaiter lifts are a fantastic way to quickly move small items with very limited human interaction or physical effort — perfect for sending boxes of shoes between floors.

The project involved removing an outdated 4-stop dumb waiter and replacing it with a new 4-stop dumb waiter. The new dumb waiter lift installation is capable of moving stock over 5 floors, from the basement level to the 3rd-floor.

Because of the height of the building, it was crucial that the dumb waiter be able to move at a very fast pace

Our previous experience installing dumb waiter lifts in London buildings allowed us to perform the fit out very quickly and with minimal interruption to their day to day operations.

Dumb Waiter London

About “Size?”

“Size?” is a designer brand casual shoe shop with more than a dozen locations throughout the United Kingdom and Europe. The company has a global profile and delivers shoes to most parts of the world. “Size?” have a substantial turnover and their outlet stores are very busy every day of the week.

They use dumbwaiter lifts in a number of their locations to move product rapidly between floors. Keeping most of their merchandise in the basement and higher floors allows the business to maintain a very clean aesthetic in their store, instead of being cluttered with merchandise.

About the Dumbwaiter

Dumbwaiters are primarily designed for the transportation of small objects between floors. They are used in a variety of buildings including restaurants, private homes, offices, schools, hospitals and retirement homes. The original dumbwaiter was designed in the late 19th-Century by an American inventor and primarily used as a food lift before businesses began utilising it to move other items. Even today, most dumb waiters in London operate primarily as food lifts.

DumbWaiters london

It is very common to see dumb waiters in London buildings because of the tall and narrow architecture style of buildings in the central business district

The first dumb waiter in London was built within a few short years of it being designed and they became very popular in stately homes over the years.

The modern dumbwaiter lifts built by Tower Lifts are fast, efficient and most of all — safe

We can design and install dumb waiter lifts of any size with various features including lockable doors, high-speed electric motors, self-closing fireproof doors, and various forms of automation.

Dumb waiter lifts have no requirement for a shaft or pit installation and can be installed into any type of property

Our expert technicians have a great deal of experience installing dumbwaiters in London, in such places as Covent GardenFulhamBelgraviaHyde ParkHolland Park  and carry out all work efficiently and professionally, minimising downtime for your home or business.

To discuss a potential dumbwaiter installation, or to make further enquiries, regarding a lift in London or elsewhere please get in touch today by calling 01525 601099 or emailing

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