Domestic Wheelchair Lifts

What to Look for in Domestic Wheelchair Lifts

According to the most recent estimates, wheelchairs are used by 1.2 million people in the UK. The majority of wheelchair users are over 60, and it’s this older age range that accounts for two thirds of wheelchair use across Britain. Commercial and public buildings are now required to provide access for wheelchair users, so it’s access at home that can provide the biggest challenge.

Tower Lifts is a champion of disabled access and, as such, is a leading provider of wheelchair lifts in the commercial and residential sectors. Over the past decade we’ve seen growth in domestic lift installations, many of which are looking to future-proof family homes. As the UK population ages, people are thinking ahead to ensure that they can continue to live in their homes, even if confined to a wheelchair.

In this blog, we answer questions we’re regularly asked about wheelchair lifts for a residential setting.

What Kinds of Domestic Wheelchair Lifts are Available?

  1. A Wheelchair Lift for Stairs. Designed to carry a wheelchair, and user, up a flight of straight, curved or spiral stairs, the curved or straight inclined platform lift offers access to all floors.
  2. Vertical Wheelchair Lift. The vertical platform lift is designed to be adaptable and easy to install in the home. It doesn’t need a shaft, and can be installed quickly and easily.
  3. Step Lift. This provides access up a short flight of steps, such as you might find leading to the front door, in a garden, in where there’s split-level flooring.

Can I Ask For a Particular Colour or Design?

Many of our clients are concerned that residential lifts for wheelchairs will change their home environment. The Tower Lifts team take every care to avoid this. All our domestic wheelchair lifts are bespoke to the specific home environment we’re working with, and they can be customised to match the aesthetic of their surroundings. We create lifts that enhance your home.

Are Lifts for Wheelchairs Expensive?

Residential lifts have long been considered ‘luxury items’ and many of our clients are wary of cost when they initially contact us. A wheelchair lift is not, however, a luxury. It’s a strategy for sustaining your life in the family home should you need to use a wheelchair. The Tower Lifts team will assess your property, discuss your requirements, and provide you with a free, no obligation quote.

What Happens if my Wheelchair Lift Breaks Down?

Part of our guarantee to our clients is that we will provide high quality wheelchair lifts that are at minimal risk of breakdown. We do, however, recommend ongoing maintenance in order to be able to sustain this guarantee. This includes immediate emergency repair, night or day, should your domestic wheelchair lift break down.

Working With Tower Lifts

Tower Lifts are leading UK providers of domestic wheelchair lifts, because we’ve built a strong reputation over two decades of design and installation work. Our platform lift engineers bring expertise and extensive experience to each installation, ensuring high quality, passenger safety and wheelchair lift durability.

Wondering what to look for in domestic wheelchair lifts? Tower Lifts answers some of the questions we get asked most regularly. For more info, call 01525 601099