Domestic Platform Lifts Birmingham

Installing Domestic Platform Lifts in Birmingham

Birmingham has a population of 1,141,400 and is the UK’s second city. The Office for National Statistics (ONS) reports that 10% of Birmingham’s population – that’s 114,140 people – have reported a disability that limits their daily activities. Many of them require domestic platform lifts to maintain their daily lives within their homes.

These numbers are reflected in the high level of demand Tower Lifts is currently experiencing for domestic platform lifts in Birmingham. The people who contact us are a range of ages, all with slightly different requirements. The enquiries range from wheelchair users needing to customise their living environment, families wanting to ‘future proof’ their homes. All in all, the platform lift is providing an important level of support for Birmingham residents.

What is a Domestic Platform Lift?

A platform lift is designed to transport wheelchair users between floors in their home. This innovative platform lift technology provides a flexible, and affordable solution. It is also quick to install as it doesn’t require a lift shaft, or structural alterations to your property. When installing domestic platform lifts in Birmingham, we always begin by considering the type of lift best suited to your needs:

  • Vertical Transport Lift. This comprises a passenger cabin which transports the user, in their wheelchair, between floors in their home. It looks quite like a traditional passenger lift. There are two major differences. First, it travels quite slowly, at 0.15MPS. Second, the controls can be customised in terms of height, illumination, and size.
  • Step Lift. This is also known as a low rise platform lift. It’s purpose is to transport a wheelchair user up a small flight of steps, or over split level flooring. The lift can be installed indoors or out. So if you have steps leading up to your front door, or a split level garden, this is an excellent solution.
  • Inclined Lifts. The inclined lift is designed to follow the contours of a staircase. No matter whether the flight of stairs is straight, inclined, or even spiral. This platform lift is especially useful for confined spaces. When not in use, it folds away so that the staircase can easily be accessed on foot.

Bespoke Domestic Platform Lifts in Birmingham

Your home is unique to you, and many of our domestic platform lift customers want their vertical transport to be unique, too. Tower Lift designers can create platform lifts that seamlessly integrate with your home. Our bespoke platform lift solutions include lifts that recess into the floor until needed, lifts that integrate into your staircase, and inclined lifts finished in colours and textures to match your décor.

Tower Lifts in Birmingham

Tower Lifts has been providing domestic lift services in Birmingham for nearly two decades now. We design, install and provide lift maintenance and repairs for our Birmingham customers. We’ve built a great reputation locally, and we guarantee first class quality and customer service on every job. Tower Lifts engineers are skilled, and experienced. Best of all, they’ve installed hundreds of domestic platform lifts and guarantee the provision of the high quality access in your home.

Considering a domestic platform lift in Birmingham? Tower Lifts are the local experts when it comes to design, installation and maintenance. Call us today on 01525 601099

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