Domestic Passenger Lifts

The idea of turning your house into a ‘smart home’ which caters to your needs is now impacting interior design. Domestic passenger lifts may not be digitally controlled but they’re one of the range of services homeowners are now adopting to make their lives easier. There’s no doubt that installing vertical transport adds value to your home. But it’s also a way of ensuring that you can live comfortably for as long as you want in your property.

Developers and Designers Looking for ‘Must Have’ Features

Increasingly, house-buyers are looking for key differentiators that add value when they’re considering properties. The use of vertical transport to make life easier is certainly a popular feature that’s currently attracting the attention of designers and developers . Whether it’s a unique, bespoke passenger lift, a dumb waiter, or a domestic goods lift, they’re fast becoming a ‘must have’ in high end homes.

Future-Proofing Your Home

Domestic Passenger Lifts provide homeowners with an important choice. Now they can plan for every stage of their lives by creating a lift infrastructure to support them. Tower Lifts elevator installers frequently find themselves working with families to create stylish home lifts that will serve them for decades to come. Bespoke lifts can be styled to integrate seamlessly with your interior design. In fact many of our customers enjoy designing their lift as a feature to be admired!

Types of Domestic Passenger Lifts

If you’re purchasing a newly built home, integrating a lift into the design is fairly straightforward. The majority of our customers, however, are living in older homes, or refurbished homes. That’s why we have range of homes elevator services. Our elevator installers bring over a decade of experience in adapting domestic interiors for lift installation, and we haven’t been beaten yet!!

  • Residential Passenger Lifts. These are normally installed in new builds, refurbished houses or larger properties. They can be fully customised according to your design requirements. Should you require inclusive access for visually or physically impaired passengers we will make your lift fully compliant.
  • Through Floor Lifts. Where space is limited, a through floor lift allows 1-2 people to travel between the ground floor and the first floor. This lift can also be customised for wheelchair use. This is a popular choice for smaller properties, or period homes where the architecture dictates the kind of lift that can be installed.
  • Platform Lifts. These are an ideal solution for houses that don’t have the depth or height to allow for a standard passenger lift installation. Platform lifts are large enough to carry 4-5 passengers, or a wheelchair user, through a number of floors. The lift can be customised to integrate with your interior design or décor.

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Home Elevator Services From Tower Lifts

Tower Lifts has a dedicated elevator design team who can advise you on what kind of lift is best for your home. We start off by talking about your needs, and then assess your property to determine the installation requirements. We’ll also talk through the customisable elements such as the doors, the passenger cabin, the frontage and the lighting.

If you’re looking for a touch of luxury in your home, or you want a passenger lift to improve access to all floors, call Tower Lifts on 01525 601099

Tower Lifts carry out design and installation on a varied range of lifts throughout the UK including:

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