Growing Demand for Domestic Lifts High Wycombe

High Wycombe was once the chair-making capital of England, but it is now very much a 21st century town. There’s a weekly market in the square, high end retail in the Eden Centre, and glorious country walks on all sides. The Tower Lifts design and installation team are delighted to be getting to know it well as we’ve been experiencing growing demand for domestic lifts in High Wycombe.


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Why Install Domestic Lifts in High Wycombe?

Growth in demand for domestic lifts is rising across the UK as a whole, most probably as a consequence of our ageing population, and social care cuts. The affordability of contemporary lifts will also have something to do with it. Families are now happy to invest in a bespoke domestic lift to ensure ongoing occupancy as they get older. It’s also easier to enhance access for a family member with impaired sight or mobility.

Domestic Lifts Offer a Great Return on Investment

The return on investment offered by a domestic lift installation goes beyond the guarantee on extended home occupancy. A bespoke domestic lift can add to the market value of your property. It can also provide an eye-catching differentiator. Clients tell us that buyers will often make their decision on the basis that the house has a home lift.

A Range of Domestic Lifts for High Wycombe Clients

There’s nothing standard about Tower Lifts domestic installations. We begin our design work by discussing the access your domestic lift needs to provide both now and looking towards the future. Our design and installation team will then survey your home and provide a solution that is unique to your requirements:

  • Curved/Straight Inclined Platform Lifts – for many of our domestic clients the stairs are the biggest challenge they encounter in their homes. A straight or curved inclined platform lift is designed for use with or without a wheelchair, whatever the shape of your staircase. We have even created platform lifts for spiral stairs!
  • Step Lifts – if your home has split level flooring, or short flights of steps inside or out, our step lifts offer a simple solution to the problem. The elegant mechanism of the step lift makes this an excellent choice for wheelchair users. Your  lift can be completely integrated with its surroundings, rendering the lift virtually invisible when not in use.
  • Vertical Platform Lifts – most domestic environments don’t have the spare capacity for a lift shaft. The platform lift is an innovative solution to overcome this problem. It runs on an electric or hydraulic system and provides smooth, stress-free transport for up to 5 floors.

Domestic Lifts That Work For Your Environment

Choosing the right lift for your domestic environment is just the start; our design team will also discuss the range of accessories and aesthetic considerations included in your final design. These include: lift alarms systems, communications links, handrails and security. Your lift doors, surround, walls, floor and ceiling are entirely bespoke and can be matched to the existing style and décor of your home.

Tower Lifts has been creating beautiful and effective home lift solutions for nearly two decades now. If you’re thinking about installing a home lift as an investment for your future, call our design and installation team today on 01525 601099.

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