Demand Grows for Domestic Lifts in North London

Being able to make decisions about how and where we live is tremendously important to our well-being. We see this a good deal in our work designing and installing home lift solutions. Older people become extremely worried that a beloved family home will become unmanageable because of the two or three flights of stairs required to access all floors, or someone who has become wheelchair bound through illness or accident foresees a situation where they are required to sell their home in order to find somewhere more ‘wheelchair-friendly’. We are proud to be able to restore choice in circumstances such as these, by offering a range of home lifts for North London, designed to maintain independence in the home of your choice. 

Choose from a Range of Domestic Lifts in North London

For over fifteen years, the Tower Lifts installation team have been advising on, and creating bespoke home lift solutions for North London. We know that the needs of each of our clients are unique, and so we will always begin by visiting their home, talking through the difficulties they are currently experiencing, and those they think they could encounter in the future, and then we collaborate on creating home lifts for North London which:

  • Provide access to all areas of the domestic residence.
  • Offer manageable controls, safety features, and robust performance.
  • Look great, and integrate with the styles of their surroundings.

Domestic Lifts for North London

Domestic Platform Lifts Allow You to Be the Decision-Maker

At one time, the idea of installing a lift in a domestic residence conjured up major disruption and upheaval. Domestic platform lifts technology has changed all that, and there is now a range of home lift solutions for North London available, that are both affordable and flexible enough to suit any residence. We can create lifts for straight, curved, or even spiral staircase; we can manage the problem of uneven or split-level flooring, and our modular platform lifts offer the more traditional function of providing vertical transport to all floors of the house.


At Tower Lifts, we know that home lifts for North London need to look good, as well as providing access. We offer finishes that will blend with your existing home ambiance – and we do it so well that many of our clients have started considering their lift as a feature to show off to visitors!

If you are in need of Domestic Lifts for North London, we have a team of experts experienced working in North London & surrounding areas like Watford, St Albans, Central London, Slough, Hemel Hempstead, Barnet, Harrow, Hayes & More!


If you would like to speak to a member of staff, regarding a Domestic Lift installation in North London or any surrounding areas, please contact us today on 01525 601099 or by email:

Tower Lifts North London Team can design and install a varied range of lifts throughout the area including:

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