Providing Domestic Lift Services for Homes Across the UK

Over the past twenty years our lift design and installation team have seen a marked rise in demand for residential lifts across the UK. We know that this is due, in part, to design innovation in this area; at one time the idea of installing a home lift was unthinkable for most households because of the expense and upheaval. Contemporary home lift design has made the process manageable both economically, and for practical reasons, making it a viable option even for smaller residential properties. Secondly, the UK is seeing the impact an ageing population is having on the provision of social and residential care; for many families, the installation of a lift in the family home is preferable to handing over care of elderly relatives to professionals.  

Innovative Domestic Lift Services

Domestic Lift ServicesWhatever the reasons for contemplating the installation of a home lift, our design team are happy to offer expert advice to families, backed up with years of experience providing domestic lift services. Our residential lifts are designed specifically for residential settings. Their modular structure makes them flexible to a variety of surroundings, and easy to install. Our dedicated team understands that installing a home lift is a big step, however advantageous the outcome, so we spend time discussing the existing décor and style of the home environment, and the numerous ways in which the home lift can be customised to integrate with them. Our aim is always to install residential lifts which are an elegant enhancement to their operating environment.

The Installation of Domestic Lifts

Once the design has been agreed, our installation team will start scheduling the work. We take nothing for granted, which means we plan the process in collaboration with families. Our team knows that professionalism extends to the demonstration of respect and care when working in a home environment, the preservation family routines, where possible, and the observation and maintenance of agreed deadlines.

Residential Lifts Provide a Caring Alternative for Families

At Tower Lifts we consider it a privilege to be able to provide support to families who are anticipating and planning for change in their family environment. Now that affordable home lift services are available, we are seeing the planning process starting earlier as older people are more willing to anticipate mobility issues, and to prepare their homes to accommodate them. Being proactive about changes in health or mobility means taking control of the situation – we’re happy to help with that process, and we have the expertise to help householders make the right decision.

If you have a lift installed which requires maintenance or repairs, we have a team of experts ready and willing to keep your lift working safely and efficiently


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