Domestic Lift Services in London

Tower Lifts Experience Rise in Domestic Lift Services in London

With house prices remaining at an all-time high in London, the UK capital is experiencing a boom in house conversions as landlords and developers attempt to provide affordable accommodation for the city’s population. Tower Lifts has worked across London’s boroughs for over two decades now, and our team of designers and installers have seen numerous trends come and go but currently we are noticing a rise in the number of domestic lifts being fitted in newly converted properties.

What are the Advantages of Fitting a Domestic Lift?

Domestic Lift Services London

During periods when the cost of renting or buying a property in London is particularly high, achieving a competitive edge becomes extremely important. A domestic lift / residential lift offers prospective tenants or buyers:

  • Ease of access for families with young children.
  • Disabled access to all floors.
  • Peace of mind for elderly people who may have concerns about their future mobility.
  • Efficient vertical transport for moving heavy or bulky items.
  • Convenience of access for visitors.

Looking for a Bespoke Residential Lift Company in London?

Tower Lifts prides itself on the range of domestic lifts we can provide for clients, and the level of design and craftsmanship we bring to each and every residential installation we undertake. Our designers recognise that domestic elevators are required to be both reliable and aesthetically matched to their surroundings. All our domestic lifts can be customised, and we provide a bespoke service for the creation of vertical transport for heritage properties which provide architectural challenges to the standard lift model.

Tower Lifts are Committed to Providing Ease of Access for Homes, Large or Small

Whilst Tower Lifts has worked on numerous housing conversions and luxury developments across London, many of our clients are looking for a residential lift company which can offer advice and affordable services related to impaired mobility as a result of ageing, illness or disability. We can guarantee the same level of care and attention for all our clients, whatever the size of the project they are contemplating, and we have a transparent pricing policy which means that all costings are discussed at an early stage to allow for accurate budgeting.

Why Work With Tower Lifts?

  • We place customer service at the heart of everything we do, from initial consultation to final handover.
  • We understand the importance of being sensitive to the environment in which we are working and we will respect your domestic routine when scheduling installation work.
  • All our installers are highly qualified, and experienced.
  • Ongoing health and safety training demonstrates our ongoing commitment to the highest of standards.
  • We treat each installation as unique, which means that your home elevator will be the perfect transport solution for your specific circumstances.

If you have a lift installed which requires maintenance or servicing, we have a team of experts ready and willing to keep your lift working safely and efficiently


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