Domestic Lift Services in Birmingham

In a city the size of Birmingham we would expect to see demand for our full range of lifts across the retail, industrial and domestic sectors. The phoenix-like transformation of the city centre over the past couple of decades has encouraged a boom in the retail outlets now serving Birmingham’s growing numbers of shoppers, and we have found ourselves in demand with brands such as Schuh who asked us to provide a conveyer system to get shoes from the stockroom to the customer without taking staff away from the sales floor.

A City on the Move

Domestic Lift in BirminghamThe city centre transformation has also had its impact on the residential sector in Birmingham. Over the past two decades we have regularly provided home lifts to clients in the suburbs such as Erdington, Edgbaston and Perry Barr but recently we have noticed a greater concentration of demand for domestic lift services in Birmingham is coming from areas that are now scheduled for redevelopment around Paradise Circus, Brindley Place and Gas Street Basin. Birmingham city centre is fast becoming a prime location for young professionals and new city centre housing developments tend to consider home elevators as both essential and ‘cool’. More and more developers are discovering the installation of a domestic lift to be an exciting opportunity to provide the ‘wow’ factor for city dwellers.

A Residential Lift Company for Birmingham

Whilst we’re excited to see the innovative and aspirational developments in the city centre, we remain committed to providing domestic lift services in Birmingham to homeowners, care homes and residential sheltered housing across the city. For many elderly people the installation of a domestic lift can mean that they can continue living in their family home, or that they are able to continue to access all areas of their home despite mobility, or breathing problems. Many care homes are now recognising the increase in morale and motivation a reliable home lift system can offer to residents who appreciate the independence vertical transportation can offer them.

Domestic Lift Services You Can Rely On

Tower Lifts is proud of the reputation they have built in Birmingham as a residential lift company that can be relied upon to offer solid advice, transparent pricing and reliable scheduling. When fitting domestic lifts we’re often working in the heart of the home, and our installation teams are well aware of the stress and anxiety that this can cause clients. We always take care, therefore, to understand the schedule of the household, work around the needs of our client, and provide a professional, friendly presence at all times. We always place the customer at the centre of our work, and we care that they have complete confidence in us from our initial discussions, through the process of installation to the final handover.

If you are interested in learning more about our domestic lift and home lift installations in the Birmingham area please contact Tower Lifts today on 01525 601099