Domestic Disabled Lift

Installing a Domestic Disabled Lift in Your Home

There’s no doubt that a domestic disabled lift is the perfect way to restore access to all parts of the home if you’re mobility impaired. Being able to use every floor of the house ensures that independence is maintained, and management of the home becomes so much easier. Choosing which lifts to install can be the trickiest part of the process, so we’ve created a short guide.

Tower Lifts has been installing wheelchair lifts for the home for nearly two decades now. The rapid development of technology in this area has made the job easier, and installation quicker. Our experienced designers create bespoke lifts to give you the access you need in all areas of your home. Here are their suggestions when thinking about domestic disabled lift installation.

Lift Installation for Stairways

If your preference is to retain your staircase as the primary form of access in your house, an inclined lift will do the job. This can be installed for straight or curved stairs , with the design matching your architecture exactly. The inclined lift easily accommodates a wheelchair, and can be finished in a variety of colours to match for interior décor.

Thought About a Through Floor Lift?

This compact, modular lift looks like a smaller version of a passenger lift you might find in a shopping centre. The vertical platform lift features transparent doors, and can be designed to provide access directly into your bedroom. Many of our customers like this model because it feels secure to travel in. The operating panel can be customised to a height and size that you find comfortable, and the lift can be customised to suit the style of your home.

Need Help Around the House?

A small goods lift, appropriately named a ‘dumbwaiter’ can be an excellent help in moving shopping, food or laundry between floors. The dumbwaiter is installed at whatever height you need and comprises a small cabinet sized cabin. Commercially they tend to get used in restaurants and hotels, but their now finding a new function in the domestic sphere.

External Steps and Split Level Gardens

We always tend to think about interior installations when it comes to lifts, but the exterior ones are equally important. If you have steps leading to your front door, or a terraced garden, you’ll need a lift solution. We regularly install ‘integrated lifts’. These can be designed to integrate seamlessly with brick or stone steps. They are invisible, therefore, until required. Once activated the elegant mechanism reveals a platform which carries the wheelchair and user up the short flight.

Putting Your Home at the Centre of Our Designs

Tower Lifts designers provide bespoke solutions for your home, whatever the size, period or architectural challenges it presents. Most important, a domestic disabled lift needs to integrate seamlessly into your home, and offer the functionality you require to manage your house independently. We’ll work to your brief, in order to create the environment that provides 100% access.

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