Do You Have an Elevator Maintenance Contract?

Elevator Maintenance Contract

If you’re a building owner or manager, and you have goods or passenger lifts in your purview, you’ll already be aware of the benefits of an elevator maintenance contract. Lift technology is complex, requiring regulated upgrades, preventive maintenance and ongoing repairs. The elevator lift contract is key to guaranteeing the safety of your passengers and users, so it’s important to understand what it should include.

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The Legal Requirements

Anyone with responsibility for a lift that is used in the workplace, or by members of the public, is subject to PUWER and LOLER Health & Safety regulations. Compliance is subject to regular preventive maintenance, and servicing, delivered by professional lift engineers. Detailed reporting on the process, and documented responses to issues flagged, are central to the regulations.

Creating a Maintenance Contract

The ideal compliance scenario involves the creation of a scheduled maintenance contract. This demonstrates a clear understanding of your responsibilities, and an awareness of the need for regular checks. It also provides a range of ongoing benefits, including:

  • Peace of Mind. Regular, expert maintenance provides elevator passengers with guaranteed safety.
  • Optimum Performance. Lifts that creak and groan quickly lose the confidence of passengers. Ongoing maintenance ensures sustained peak performance.
  • Cost Effective. Preventive maintenance works proactively to reduce the risk of elevator breakdown. This means that costly repairs are circumvented.
  • Planned Upgrades and Modernisation. Lift components regularly need upgrading, or replacing, to comply with current standards. Regular reporting will help with budgeting to incorporate this.

Tailored Elevator Maintenance Contracts

No two elevators are the same, because the context in which they’re operating will always be different. And this impacts on their condition, their durability, and the general wear-and-tear they sustain. That’s why we always create tailored elevator maintenance contracts with our business clients.

Tower Lifts engineers start out by assessing the environment and context within which the lift operates. This will include consideration of the age of the lift, its function, amount of use, and positioning in the building. We’ll also take into account the servicing history of your elevator, and its current condition.

Types of Elevator Maintenance Contract

Once an assessment has been made, we’ll suggest a contract tailored to your business. It would normally fall into one of the following categories:

  • Full Maintenance Contract. In this kind of contract, Tower Lifts would take complete responsibility for all your elevator-related equipment. This provides an ongoing guarantee of compliance and safety for lift users. If you experience problems, or breakdown, Tower Lifts will respond immediately and provide management and repairs.
  • Limited Maintenance Contract. As suggested by the tile, only certain services are available in this kind of contract. This would normally include regular maintenance and servicing of parts, but upgrades, modernisation and repairs would cost extra. Comprehensive access to engineers would also be costed separately.

Tower Lifts for Elevator Maintenance Contracts

We’re a leading UK provider of lift design, installation and maintenance. For over two decades now we’ve been providing scheduled maintenance plans to businesses large and small. We’re uniquely placed, therefore, to offer you an effective, bespoke maintenance contract for the elevators in your business.

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