Disabled Wheelchair Lift Services – Access For All With Stepless Platform Lifts

A traditional lift system allows visitors, staff and residents of any multi-storey building to traverse easily between floors. Whilst disabled access must be provided in public buildings and communal areas or residential units, simply using ramps for smaller sets of stairs is not always a sufficient solution for most wheelchair users. Disabled wheelchair lifts can provide an alternative for any building looking to provide specific access for those with mobility problems.

Access to all floors within a building should be available to everyone, and whatever the size of your building, a disabled wheelchair lift can offer a compact, yet practical solution for all mobility impaired visitors.

This type of lift, also referred to as a platform lift, makes it easier for visitors in wheelchairs to access every area of the building. Whether you simply need to help them traverse a small flight of steps or enable access from one floor to another, a disability access lift can make life easier. They can cover heights of up of 3 metres and can carry a maximum weight of 350kg. An experienced and professional platform lift company will be able to design and create a bespoke platform lift that can be recessed into the floor or integrated into a staircase for your building.

Stepless Platform Lifts – A Practical Alternative To Ramps

stepless platform liftsBecause even just a couple of small steps can be a difficult obstacle for wheelchair users, a platform lift offers a convenient and practical way to enable them to move freely around all areas of the building. 

Installing a Stepless Platform Lift offers your visitors complete freedom, and is far more effective than providing access via a ramp
. A ramp requires permanent alternations to be made to the building and will need to be correctly measured with the perfect gradient taken into account. Platform Lifts are perfect for areas where a ramp would either be too steep or too long. 

Platform lifts are also ideal for shorter distances or in buildings with space or height restrictions. They can also be provided with automatic gates for even easier access and egress.

Stepless platform lifts are suitable for use in a wide variety of buildings including modern office designs, contemporary galleries, museums, shops, historical buildings and a range of other public spaces. They are also suitable for indoor and outdoor use, with hidden safety barriers that will not detract from the aesthetics of the environment around them.

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Platform Lifts For Listed Buildings

Often it is the small sets of stairs that cause the biggest problems. This is particularly so in buildings that have restrictions set upon them, including those that are listed. In these scenarios, removing and changing stairs to provide ramp access could directly contravene regulations and conservation orders. Having a disabled access lift installed by a professional platform lift company can render your building easily accessible, whilst still retaining its historical value and appeal.

A company that specialises in providing wheelchair lift services, can supply bespoke platform lifts and recessed platform lifts that are ideal for heritage buildings and older institutions. They offer a creative solution that can blend in with their surroundings, without compromising access for disabled visitors and guests. You can view a video of the stepless access lifts provided by Tower Lifts, and see just how useful they can be for your visitors.

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