Disabled Lifts for Houses

Disabled Lifts for Houses

Tower Lifts Installs Disabled Lifts for Houses

The term ‘disabled lift’ covers a wide range of technologies which are designed to provide access throughout in the home. The Tower Lifts team has been designing and installing disabled lifts for houses since 2006 and we’ve witnessed numberless times the life-changing effect they can have for people living with mobility impairments. In this article we take a look at the range of disabled lifts available.

Installing a Home Lift

Over the past couple of decades, the technology around small residential lifts has improved and, in turn, the range of home lift solutions has increased. Tower Lifts designers are now able to make recommendations for platform lifts that make the home an inclusive environment. Mobility impaired clients now have the option to install a single lift, or a vertical transport system that provides a range of ways to access your home.

Types of Disabled Lifts for Houses

Wheelchair lifts for the home need to be easy to install (no lift shaft), small enough to fit into a normal sized house and adaptable to architectural challenges. Over the past two decades Tower Lifts designers have developed a range of creative strategies for managing the quirks and architectural designs of domestic residencies old and new. You can depend on them to find a bespoke solution no matter the size or shape of your home.

Residential Platform Lifts

Platform lifts are specifically designed to accommodate wheelchair users. All platform lifts can be accessed without leaving your wheelchair, and they are flexible enough to install in virtually any types of house. They do not require a lift shaft and can be installed inside or out. It is a requirement of platform lifts that they travel more slowly than passenger lifts. A vertical platform lift can move between 2-4 floors.

There are a number of ways that platform lifts provide independent access within the home:

  • Straight and Curved Inclined Lifts – the platform lift is perfectly designed to transport a wheelchair and user up and down stairs. The lift hugs the contour of your staircase and a platform extends when in use, then retracts, keeping the stairway clear for other users.
  • Vertical Platform Lift this looks rather like a traditional passenger lift, except that it’s designed to perfectly accommodate a wheelchair and user. The vertical platform lift can travel through up to 4 floors and doesn’t require a lift shaft for installation.
  • Step Lifts these offer access up short flights of steps, or over a split-level floor. We often install step lifts outside for disabled clients. They are invaluable if there are steps leading up to the front door, or in terraced gardens.
  • Dumb Waiter This small, cabinet style goods lift is ideal for moving food, drinks, laundry, or shopping between floors of your home. It can be customised to the size and height that suits you and it’s very simple to install.

Working With Tower Lifts

Tower Lifts is a leading UK platform lift company with close to two decades’ experience of designing and installing disabled lifts for houses. Each of our platform lift solutions is designed to fit the specific environmental requirements. Once your lift is installed, we can provide ongoing maintenance and repairs. We are a ISO9001:2015 Lift Cert and UKAS approved company adhering to all current Lift Regulations.

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