Disabled House Lifts

For anyone whose physically impaired, achieving independent mobility within your home is a top priority. For over a decade now, Tower Lifts has been work to create inclusive homes, which achieve just that, across the UK. Over that time we’ve seen the range of lifts available for the domestic environment grow rapidly. This makes our job easier, when designing tailor made solutions.

Tower Lifts Creates Inclusive Domestic Environments

When working with a wheelchair user, or a client unable to manage stairs easily, we start out by defining goals. For some households the aim is to install vertical transport between the ground floor and a specific room (such as a bedroom) upstairs. For others, the goal is to be able to manage the stairs, unaided.  Or to maintain access to every area of the home, including the garden.

Once we know what the specific requirements are – there’s no such thing as standard planning for inclusivity – we get to work. It may be that the solution arrives in the form of one particular lift. Or we may need to consider a range of options as part of the design. Whatever the case is, we work with a growing list of vertical transport models to choose from.

If you are considering fitting a house lift for disabled access, call the Tower Lifts team on 01525 601099 for advice, and lift solutions.

Options for Disabled House Lifts

  • Curved Inclined/Straight Inclined Platform Lifts. These can be customised for whatever the shape of your stairway. We can even create stair lifts for spiral staircases! They are durable, come in a range of colours and finishes, and they can easily accommodate a wheelchair.
  • Vertical Platform Lift. This is a modular vertical transport that can be powered hydraulically or electrically. If you need to get from the ground floor to a specific room, or you require access to a number of floors, this is a great option. It’s ideal for smaller homes.
  • Step Lift. This can be installed indoors, or outside. It’s designed to assist in the navigation of short flights of steps, or inclines. The step lift is durable and endlessly adaptable. It can be installed is such a way that it merges seamlessly with its surroundings.
  • Dumbwaiter. Often overlooked when planning for an inclusive environment. The dumbwaiter is a mini goods lift. As such is can be used for moving shopping, meals, or laundry from one part of the house to another.

Collaborative Design for Disabled House Lifts

This first stage of our work with domestic clients is always to determine the infrastructure that will serve them best. Once that’s decided, we can get onto the more creative aspects of the design. It includes the choice of colours, finishes and any customised design features to be included. For wheelchair users we always ensure that controls are at the right height, but beyond that, our clients collaborate in the look and style of their vertical transport.

Tower Lifts’ Reputation for Installing Disabled House Lifts

Tower Lifts is one of the leading vertical transport installers in the UK. We’re certainly the ‘go to’ lift company for bespoke disabled lift design and installation. Our lift engineers bring nearly 20 years of experience in inclusive design and installation to their work. We always place the safety of passengers at the heart of all we do, and we guarantee an installation that will improve the quality of life of our disabled domestic clients.

Interested in finding out more about Tower Lifts’ disabled house lifts installations? Call us today on 01525 601099 to find out more about our bespoke designs and installations

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