Disabled Access Solutions

The Importance of Bespoke Disabled Access Solutions

At Tower Lifts the vast majority of the residential and commercial lifts that we design, and install are bespoke. This is for the very good reason that no two streets, buildings or environments in the UK are the same. The long and varied architectural history we celebrate in Britain offers a multiplicity of challenges, for example, and we are always delighted to find the perfect disabled access solution.

The Tower Lifts team has come up with the 5 most popular reasons for choosing bespoke disabled lift design:

1. Lift Installation at Home

For many disabled people a platform lift for home use provides access, and for that reason should be welcomed. But it can also be a constant reminder of disability. One solution is to customise the lift in order that it integrates seamlessly with the internal décor of home, providing a discrete aid, rather than a stark reminder.

2. The Chameleon Effect

We regularly install platform lifts in heritage properties. Clients will often ask us what we can do to create a lift that blends with the period architecture and interior style. The design team has created a number of step lifts that are rendered invisible until activated. Our inclined lifts can also be integrated into a stairway, making an elegant appearance when needed.

3. Good Looking Lifts

Tower Lifts has been installing platform lifts for nearly two decades now, and in that time access lift design has transformed. The ‘utility’ lift has been replaced by a fully customisable alternative which adapts to different spaces and styles of architecture. Retail spaces, schools, hotels, and homes can all now enjoy a range of bespoke disabled lift technology.

4. External Lifts for Gardens

We’re a nation of gardeners, and step lifts can ease access to split level gardens. The platform lift is designed to be used indoors or out, and we’ve installed quite a few in heritage, park, and residential gardens. The mechanism is protected from rain, frost and snow, and can be camouflaged in order to protect against vandalism.

5. A Lift That is Customised to Your Needs

When we work with a residential client it’s important to make the lift we put in place practical and useful. Some clients require a glass platform lift because they need to be able to maintain contact with their carer whilst travelling. We have even installed a platform lift on the external wall of a residence in order not to reduce the interior floorspace.

About Working With Tower Lifts

No matter how innovative the technology, a platform lift also has to look and feel right for our clients. For this reason, the Tower Lifts team is are always happy to design for the environment, as well as the function the lift will fulfil. Our designers can offer specialist guidance on the options available. Our aim is always to create lifts people want to use.

Are you looking for disabled lifts solutions that look good as well as providing access? Call Tower Lifts today to speak to one of our designers – 01525 601099

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