Disabled Access Lifts in London

Disabled Access Lifts in London

Tower Lifts Provide Disabled Access Lifts in London

Disability access lifts in London have increased massively over the past decade, making it easier for wheelchair users to access shops, museums, galleries, and hospitality. There’s still a way to go, though. The disability campaigner Sam Renke has made a video demonstrating how difficult a shopping trip in London can be.

Providing full disabled access across a city like London is a huge job. There was a big boost to disabled provision prior to the London Olympics in 2012. More recently, there has been a focus on inclusive building projects in the capital. The Tower Lifts team has been designing and installing disabled access lifts in London for well over a decade now, and we’re cautiously optimistic about the progress being made.

Platform Lift Solutions

The development of platform lift technology has been a major driver in the progress London has made with its disability provision. These adaptable, cost-effect lifts can be installed quickly and efficiently, offer consistently high performance, and are designed specifically for wheelchair users. Tower Lifts regularly install the following platform lifts in London:

1. Step Lifts

Also known as a ‘low-rise lift’, the step lift is an ideal solution for short flights of steps, or split-level flooring. The step lift can be installed indoors or outdoors and is durable enough to last for years in either setting. The lift is available in a range of colours and finishes; it can be designed to seamlessly integrate with its surroundings.

Ideal for heritage properties, art galleries, large retail stores, public gardens, urban settings, schools, and public buildings.

2. Vertical Platform Lift

The vertical platform lift looks like a traditional passenger lift, except that it is normally designed for just one passenger. It works on either an electric or hydraulic system and requires no lift shaft. It’s perfect, therefore, for buildings with space or height restrictions. The lift travels at a maximum speed of 0.15MPS over distances of between 2-4 floors.

A great disabled access solution for shops, museums, hotels, public buildings, restaurants, schools, and leisure facilities.

3. Inclined Platform Lift

If you wish to retain a staircase as your access point for a building, straight and curved inclined platform lifts will do the job. Wheelchair users can access them easily, and when not in use the platform folds back to allow for foot traffic on the staircase. The lift is designed to follow the architectural design; we can even install an inclined lift on a spiral staircase.

Providing disabled access for heritage staircases, interior stairs, exterior stairs.

About Tower Lifts

Tower Lifts is a leading platform lift provider in London. For nearly two decades now, our design and installation team has been providing bespoke platform lifts to the commercial, residential, retail and hospitality sectors across the city. 

Once our lifts are installed, we offer tailored maintenance and servicing contracts which include 24/7 emergency repairs. Tower Lifts is a ‘full service’ lift company offering comprehensive packages, whatever your requirements.

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