Disability Access Lifts

At Tower Lifts we are proud of our reputation for providing a full service to our clients, and that means taking into consideration the full range of users accessing our lift services. The Equality Act 2010 requires that organisations, developers and employers take reasonable steps to ensure that the same level of access is provided for disabled users to key services such as education, leisure amenities, shops, restaurants, housing and places of employment. We take disabled access very seriously and, over the past fifteen years, we have made it a central design and installation feature in the many projects we have undertaken for clients across the UK.

Tower Lifts Offer a Range of Disability Access Lifts

Whether we are collaborating with clients on a lift modernisation, or installing a custom or bespoke platform lift, we offer detailed consultation on disabled access lifts. We have expertise when it comes to understanding the needs of disabled users and our complete package of services ensures that disabled access is built in to your installation at the design stage.

We have many years of experience in installing specialised wheelchair platform lifts in a range of locations, from shopping centres, to office complexes and public leisure amenities. We offer the following wheelchair platform lifts:

Disability Access Lifts

  • Step Lifts – these facilitate vertical access for wheelchair users, or physically impaired users, up a short flight of steps. These low-rise lifts are available in a range of colours and finishes, and can be installed indoors, or outdoors.
  • Curved Incline Lifts – where an existing design includes a curved staircase, these disability access lifts offer a perfect solution for wheelchair users or people with visual impairment. The installation ensures disabled access elevation, and the unit is discrete offering an efficient alternative to a regular lift.
  • Straight Inclined Lifts – for wheelchair users confronted with a straight stairway, this is ideal as a means of accessing floors within a building. The design specifications make these wheelchair platform lifts available as indoor or outdoor installations.
  • Vertical Platform Lifts – these specialist installations transport users efficiently and safely. This is a perfect wheelchair access lift if your building requires a bespoke lift solution due to height or space restrictions.

If you have a disability access lift installed which requires repairs, we have a team of dedicated experts ready to keep your lift working safely and efficiently


In addition to Disability Access Lifts, we can also supply and install a range of lifts, throughout the UK including:

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