Disability Access Lifts for Every Location and Sector

It is a mark of how far we have travelled as a society that now all businesses, factories, public sector buildings, retail outlets and commercial premises are working hard to ensure that people with visual, breathing or mobility impairments can access all areas for work, leisure or day-to-day transactions. The Disability Discrimination Act, or Equality Act has enshrined in law the requirement for building managers or owners to ‘make a reasonable adjustment to allow people with disabilities to access goods, facilities and services’ but it is our experience that the installation of disability access lifts is fast developing into ‘second nature’ for business owners and building developers.

Tower Lifts Provides a Range of Platform Lifts

Over the past two decades Tower Lifts has become known as a reliable source of expert advice and installation solutions when it comes to disability access lifts. We are now proud to be able to offer a broad range of platform lifts which greatly enhance access opportunities, and can be quickly and easily installed in buildings old and new:

Disability Access Lifts

  • Bespoke Platform Lifts – an innovative wheelchair lift which has been developed to integrate seamlessly into the existing surroundings. The lift appears only when needed and has an unobtrusive mechanism which provides a sturdy platform for transport up short flights of steps, or across split-level flooring transitions.
  • Customised Platform Lifts – ideal for use as a wheelchair lift, this permanent or temporary platform lift provides easy access up short flights of stairs. It has a height reach of 87.5cm and can carry up to 300kg. The platform lift can be fitted with an external control panel, or a remote control, and the installation can include safety gates if required.
  • Vertical Platform Lifts – utilising the latest technology, these modular, self-supporting platform lifts do not require a pit and shaft which means they can be quickly and easily installed to provide access for wheelchair users, or for passengers with impaired sight or laboured breathing. We can advise clients on whether to choose an hydraulic, or electric system.

If you have a disability access lift installed which requires repairs, we have a team of dedicated experts ready to keep your lift working safely and efficiently


In addition to Disability Access Lifts, we can also supply and install a range of lifts, throughout the UK including:

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