Different Types of Service Lifts

Different Types of Service Lifts

Types of Service Lifts and Their Applications

A range of different types of service lifts can be found in a wide variety of businesses across London and the UK. These lifts offer an invaluable way to improve business operations and enhance efficiency for employees. Whether you’re in the business of gourmet dining, logistics, legal documents, or manufacturing, our range of service lifts offers a helping hand.

Service lifts possess the innate ability to seamlessly transport your goods, shifting effortlessly between floors while remaining virtually invisible. This versatile solution can be adapted to the precise use and function required by business. Tower Lifts is an established provider of dumbwaiters, trolley lifts, and document lifts in hotels, hospitals, restaurants, offices, schools, and retail.

About Tower Lifts

The Tower Lifts team has been providing customised service lifts for London businesses since 2006 so we’re very familiar with the high-pressured environments for which they are required. That’s why our lifts are specifically engineered for the highest level of quality, flexibility and reliability, no matter the application. This versatile machine can be installed efficiently, without the risk of disruption to business.

5 Different Types of Service Lifts

1. Dumbwaiter Lifts

A dumbwaiter is a compact, vertical, and automated service lift designed to transport goods, supplies, or small items between different levels within a building. These efficient systems are a valuable asset for businesses across various industries. Restaurants, hotels, hospitals, and offices commonly opt for dumbwaiters to streamline their operations.

Dumbwaiters are ideal for transporting dishes in restaurants, linens in hotels, medical supplies in hospitals, and documents in offices. They enhance productivity, reduce the risk of injury, and maintain a professional and efficient environment. With their customisable sizes and load capacities, dumbwaiters can be tailored to suit the unique needs of your business.

When food needs transporting, our 50kg, 100kg, or 250kg capacity service lifts come with various additional options, including a stainless-steel finish, waist-level loading, and heated car shelves.

Dumbwaiter Lift

2. Double Decker Lift

The dual car double decker lift is a unique and versatile solution that effectively combines two lifts into one system. The upper car serves as a waist-level loading dumbwaiter, while the lower half functions as a floor-level loading goods lift. This innovative design offers several noteworthy advantages.

Firstly, it minimises the risk of cross-contamination between the transported items. This is particularly beneficial for businesses such as restaurants, hotels, and hospitals where food and goods need to be moved simultaneously but kept separate for hygiene reasons.

Furthermore, the double decker lift optimises space utilisation and enhances operational efficiency by accommodating both goods and smaller items within the same footprint. Its adaptability and dual functionality make it an ideal choice for establishments seeking versatile, space-saving solutions that prioritise safety and cleanliness.

3. Document Lifts

Document lifts are widely used in office environments where the swift and secure transfer of vital paperwork between different departments is a priority. These systems share a structural similarity with our standard dumbwaiter lifts, ensuring a straightforward and efficient installation process.

Our document lifts are ideally suited for transporting multiple A4-sized files and documents. With capacities of 5kg or 20kg, these small service lifts are engineered for the lowest footprint possible while retaining the capability of transporting multiple files and documentation.

This particular application of the service lift is indispensable for businesses dealing with extensive paperwork, such as law firms, medical practices, and financial institutions.

4. Trolley Lifts

Trolley lifts, also known as small pallet lifts, are the ultimate solution for businesses dealing with heavier loads on pallets and trolleys. Perfect for retail, hotels, and commercial premises, these lifts effortlessly handle floor-level loads, and can transport goods through six floors.

Unlike traditional lifts, trolley lifts operate without the need for a load-bearing lift shaft, eliminating extensive construction work and saving valuable space. Installed within a structure-supported frame, they are remarkably easy to set up and cause minimal disruption to your business operations. If you seek a cost-effective, dependable workhorse to move stock safely and efficiently, the trolley lift is the appropriate choice.

Working With Tower Lifts

If you’re looking for the right service lift solution, without the worry of business disruptions, look no further than Tower Lifts. We bring two decades of experience and a strong presence in the capital to ensure that whatever type of service lift you require, you can depend on our team to deliver end-to-end service excellence.

As an ISO9001:2015 Lift Cert and UKAS approved company, we are committed to upholding the highest standards of safety and excellence, consistently meeting all Lift Regulations.

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