Different Types of Dumbwaiter Lifts

Every day, hundreds of thousands of goods are transported by lorry, train, ship and air to ensure the smooth running of our economy. Whatever the size or sector of your business, moving your goods effectively and efficiently is key, and Tower Lifts often finds itself solving logistical challenges for clients. Dumbwaiter lifts are, more often than not, the solution that makes a huge difference, by getting products to where they need to be, fast.

A Range of Dumb Waiter Lifts

The dumbwaiter lift provides vertical transport for moving goods from one location to another. Dependent on what needs moving, to where, we have a range of different types of dumbwaiter lifts to work with:

  • Window Type Dumbwaiter – these are our most popular option. They’re small goods lifts that are installed at chest height for easily loading goods by hand. They’re most often used for the transport of food from the kitchens to the table, goods from the warehouse to the store, and books, or documents from one floor to another.
  • Floor Type Dumbwaiter – these are installed where there are goods that need to be loaded onto a forklift, or pallet truck. They are most often used for the movement of bulky items such as laundry, furniture for public events, or boxes of documentation for conference venues.
  • Goods Lift Dumbwaiter – this is a larger model, and it looks more like a traditional elevator. It features a modular structure with a self-supporting design, which means it’s easy to install as it doesn’t need a pit and shaft. The controls are on the outside because these lifts are not designed to carry people under any circumstances.

Dumb Waiter Lifts Installations for JD Sports

Tower Lifts was recently invited by JD Sports to solve their supply problem in their stores. Customer Service Assistants were having to leave the store in order to locate and retrieve trainers for customers to try on. We installed dumbwaiter lifts in the stores around the country. This simple solution enhanced productivity, health & safety, and – most importantly – sales!

Thinking of installing a dumbwaiter lift? Call the Tower Lifts design and installation team on 01525 601099 for inspiration, advice and a site survey.

Dumb Waiter Lifts Installations for Restaurants

Dumbwaiter Lifts were originally used in restaurants to ensure that customers got their food piping hot. The tradition continues to this day as restaurants continue to consider this the best solution. Tower Lifts has installed numerous dumbwaiter lifts in restaurants, pubs and cafes around the country. Our most recent examples are the San Carlo-Cicchetti in Covent Garden, and the Zheng Restaurant in Chelsea.

Dumb Waiter Goods Lifts Installations

Working with big British brands is always an exciting prospect, so we jumped at the opportunity to replace the 55 year old goods lift at Selfridges, Oxford Street store. Due to the age of the original lift, the Tower Lifts design team had to redesign the lift as a bespoke project to fit the existing shaft. It was a huge project, but we relish a challenge, and the client was delighted with the results.

Tower Lifts Solves Logistical Problems

We’ve been moving goods for over a decade now, and we’ve not yet had a challenge defeat us. If your business needs an effective logistical solution to the movement of goods, call us to find out how we can help.

Tower Lifts carry out design and installation on a varied range of lifts throughout the UK including:

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