Tower Lifts Secures David Lloyd Leisure Club Lift Installation Projection

Once again, the team at Tower Lifts is delighted to have been selected to head up an important project for one of the country’s most prestigious brands. Our team will be working on an ambitious passenger lift installation and repair project for David Lloyd Leisure Club in East Acton.

Along with the replacement of an existing lift with an all-new 8-person passenger lift, we’ll also be installing a new lift in an extended part of the original building. The reduced pit and headroom in the extended area of the building amounts to a significant challenge, demanding an innovative approach and use of the most advanced vertical transportation technology.

Having worked on countless similar projects before and faced every possible challenge, the Tower Lifts team has the experience and expertise to provide David Lloyd Leisure with a flawless, fully tailored solution.

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The Leading Supplier of Low Pit Lift Solutions

For more than 15 years now, we’ve been installing fully customised passenger and goods transportation systems for every shape, size and type of building across the UK. We offer the full-service package from start to finish, including comprehensive independent consultancy, expert design and installation services, on-going aftercare and our total support at all times.

We’re particularly proud of our advancements in the reduced pit and headroom vertical transport solutions, which are suitable for both domestic and commercial buildings alike. When the headroom and/or pit doesn’t meet the minimum requirements as laid out by European EN.81 standards, we can provide you with an alternative solution to get the job done.

By carefully considering the specifics of every building we work on in conjunction with the requirements of our clients, we can create uniquely capable and reliable transportation solutions for competitive prices. Even in the most challenging of environments, you can count on the Tower Lifts team to exceed your expectations.

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Since going into business, we’ve worked hard to consistently combine the values and personal touch of a small business with the performance of a major global brand. Our independence allows us to offer objective, impartial and customer-focused advice at all times, while our history of working with prestigious clients speaks for itself.

Once again, we couldn’t be happier at our inclusion in another challenging project with David Lloyd Leisure, providing us with an opportunity to enhance and improve our experience and portfolio. From the smallest local business to established international organisations, our dynamic lift solutions cater to the needs of all premises and pockets across the board.

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