Custom Passenger Lifts for Office Buildings

Custom Passenger Lifts for Office Buildings

Unique Lifts for Commercial and Public Sector Buildings

In office buildings, the seamless movement of people between floors is more than just a logistical consideration; it’s a key factor in enhancing overall productivity. Within a bustling commercial hub, where multiple businesses coexist, the demands on vertical transport systems are high. The lifts in such settings must excel in delivering swift service, impeccable performance, and a comfortable experience for passengers. At Tower Lifts, our custom passenger lifts for office buildings are carefully designed to tick all these boxes.

Since 2006, Tower Lifts has been designing and installing custom passenger lifts for both the commercial and public sectors. We understand that each building has its unique requirements, and we collaborate closely with architects and developers to create lifts that are uniquely suited to their environment.

Our goal is to ensure that these lifts not only meet the needs of employees, but also cater to the comfort of visitors and address the concerns of stakeholders. What sets us apart is our reputation as a trusted supplier, known for passenger lifts that not only offer stunning aesthetics and high-performance standards but also adhere rigorously to the safety standards mandated in the UK.

Premium Performance Passenger Lifts

At Tower Lifts, we understand that your passenger lift needs may vary widely in terms of capacity and spatial considerations. Whatever your requirements, we take pride in creating lifts that can accommodate them elegantly and efficiently. Our portfolio includes the design and installation of duplex, triplex, and multi-group lifts, all engineered to ensure swift and dependable access to every floor.

What sets our lifts apart is their ability to seamlessly blend both form and function, perfectly aligning with the unique preferences and requirements of our clients. Whether you opt for a lift that seamlessly combines practical transport with breathtaking panoramic views or one that forms a harmonious union between architectural aesthetics and transportation efficiency, our Tower Lifts designers are your trusted partners in crafting an exceptional and unforgettable passenger experience.

Bespoke Commercial Platform Lifts for Interior and Exterior Use

The Tower Lifts design and installation team is experienced in dealing with architectural challenges, whether it’s low headroom, restricted pit lifts or creating lifts for confined spaces. We specialise in creating bespoke platform lift solutions that can overcome problems like these, ensuring that our platform lifts are customised to meet your exact building and design specifications. This customisation extends to the finishing touches as well, offering options such as glazing, partial glazing, and open platform designs.

Bespoke Commercial Platform Lifts for Interior and Exterior Use

Our versatile access solutions that cater to the diverse needs of office buildings, particularly in ensuring compliance with the Equality Act 2010, the Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) and Building Regulations Part M requirements. We design and install bespoke step lifts, low-rise platform lifts, vertical platform lifts, and cabin lifts, all thoughtfully designed, expertly constructed, and seamlessly installed to enhance accessibility for individuals with disabilities.

Our wheelchair lifts are carefully integrated into your building’s design, seamlessly blending form and function. They can be installed both internally and externally. Count on us for detailed guidance on the features and configurations needed to meet the specific requirements of wheelchair users, all while maintaining a keen sense of architectural sensitivity.

Expertise in Elevator Refurbishment, Modernisation, and Servicing

Preserving a legacy lift in your office building doesn’t mean you have to compromise on performance. At Tower Lifts, we specialise in the modernisation and refurbishment of legacy lifts, elevating their performance, ensuring compliance with current regulations, and enhancing their aesthetic appeal.

To ensure the long-term reliability of your passenger lift, our dedicated Tower Lifts team provides a comprehensive suite of servicing, maintenance, and repair services. Our factory-trained engineers possess the expertise to work with lifts from any brand, and our services are available across the UK.

As an ISO9001:2015 Lift Cert and UKAS approved company, we hold ourselves to the highest standards of safety and excellence, consistently meeting all Lift Regulations.

Whether you are seeking passenger lifts or platform lifts for your office building, contact Tower Lifts today at 01525 601099 to discuss your needs and benefit from our industry-leading expertise.