Tower Lifts to Install a Custom Built Lift for the Beauty Workshop at Selfridges

We are delighted to have been asked by the Oxford Street Selfridges store in London to install a custom built lift for their new Beauty Workshop. Having previously provided three car-park lifts, a goods and passenger lift for the world-famous Food Hall, we feel as though we’ve finally achieved celebrity status by being invited into the ‘unique beauty playground’ which is regularly visited by some of the world’s most beautiful women.

The relationship we are building with ‘the world’s best department store’ is founded on the expert advice provided by our design team, the professionalism and skills evident in the quality of the lift installations, and the respect and understanding we bring of the values and standards inherent in Selfridges as a global brand.

Platform Lift Installation for the Beauty Workshop

This exclusive Selfridges offering provides a one-stop hub for beauty products and treatments. Selfridges Beauty Experts are on hand to introduce clients to the very latest products from around the globe, and a range of luxurious treatments are on offer to pamper and de-stress the store’s visitors. Naturally, Selfridges want the Beauty Workshop ambiance to begin at each of the access points to the hub, so it will be a custom built lift installation, with glass and metal finishes. The lift design will reflect and enhance the operating environment, as well as providing a reliable, smooth, and ultimately stylish arrival.

Custom Built Lift for the Beauty Workshop at SelfridgesA Platform Lift is Adaptable and Easy to Install

Tower Lifts will be installing a customised platform lift for Selfridges. This flexible alternative to the traditional passenger lift doesn’t require a lift shaft, making it the ideal installation for environments such as shops, hotels, and leisure facilities, where space is at a premium, and the footfall of visitors or customers is the number one priority. Platform lifts provide all the safety features required to make them perfect for disabled access, and can be customised to integrate with the dominant architecture, or décor, of the surroundings.

Tower Lifts – a Trusted Installer

Excellent design and installation are expected by a brand like Selfridges; Tower Lifts’ differentiator lies in our team’s ability to listen to the client’s needs, provide expert advice based on two decades of experience, and collaborate in the process of lift installation in order to create minimum disruption to business.

We also install a variety of lifts in bespoke configurations, throughout London and the UK including:

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