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Tower Lifts recently installed a conveyor system for the shoe company “Schuh”, at the Fort Shopping Centre in Birmingham. The project was a massive success and now Schuh have requested another conveyor system for their Nottingham location. The new installation will be a double inclined conveyor belt for their store in the Nottingham City centre.

Founded in 1981, Schuh are one of the largest shoe retailers in the United Kingdom

With 112 stores in the UK and Ireland. The company had a turnover of approximately £230 million in 2014. Most Schuh stores stock more than 80 brands of shoes which equate to a large amount of stock for staff to manage.

The conveyor systems installed by Tower Lifts allow employees to move stock quickly and efficiently between the stock room and shop floor

For a busy location like Schuh’s Nottingham store, speed is very important as new stock is frequently required on the shop floor.

Conveyor Systems

Conveyor Systems by Tower Lifts

About Our Conveyor Systems

Conveyor systems are extremely useful for the quick and efficient movement of objects, particularly heavy or bulky objects. Our conveyor belt systems are primarily installed in shopping centres, factories, warehouses, stores, packaging plants and offices.

Conveyor systems can be very useful for transporting items from one floor to another, where a lift would be more laborious and difficult to manage.

Our conveyor systems improve workplace productivity and are much safer than using a forklift or manual labour to move products around a building.

We also design conveyor systems with customised safety mechanisms to ensure that your staff feel safe while working

Tower Lifts have installed many types of conveyor systems in the past 15 years from simple gravity roller conveyors through to automated belt conveyors with advanced safety features. We have dealt with some complex installations and are confident we can design a conveyor system to work within any building.

About Tower Lifts

We are one of the most experienced lift companies in the United Kingdom and have developed many conveyor systems for different environments. Our team excels at developing innovative solutions for locations with unique requirements and space restrictions.

Our talented engineers can develop conveyor systems that are efficient, extremely reliable and safe. We have the skills are experience necessary to handle any challenge that our clients throw at us.

All components used in our conveyor systems are constructed by reputable manufacturers and are built to last. Every project is delivered with exceptional standards which is why we have so many repeat customers and an excellent reputation.

Tower lifts can fit Conveyor systems across a range of Industries

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In addition to Conveyor Systems, Tower Lifts install a wide variety of lifts in various sizes and configurations, including:

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