Conveyance Systems

As well as our range of goodsplatform and passenger lifts, Tower Lifts can also supply, install and maintain an equally impressive portfolio of Conveyance Systems.

These automated driven belt or roller systems are designed to carry and deliver goods, stock and other items between different points in a building, say from a stock room to the shop floor, even between floors and across long distances. Often seen in factories, such as this conveyor installation for the company “Schuh” they are incredibly useful in a huge range of retail, corporate and manufacturing environments, and can be designed to suit your individual needs.

Types of Conveyance System


Belt Conveyers

Belt Conveyers are the most common type of conveyance system, suiting a huge range of tasks and requirements across multiple sectors of industry. These systems are comprised of a ringed belt which is supported and animated by a series of rollers beneath the belt's material. Propulsion is provided by a motor which drives the belt forwards, carrying goods, stock and product along its length from departure point to where it needs to be. This is the most basic but most popular conveyance system we supply, due to its simple design and ease of use.

Plastic Chain Slat Conveyers


Plastic Chain Slat Conveyers are an evolution of the standard belt conveyers, providing side-flexing chain which allows the system to navigate horizontal turns and elevation changes in one continuous run, saving time, expense and the maintenance of multiple belt runs. Flexible, self-lubricating, low noise and lightweight, a Plastic Chain Slat Conveyer is an excellent choice for environments which value the convenience of stock movement as part of a fast, economical pro-active solution. Great for retail environments, a Plastic Chain Slat Conveyer system can be used to move stock from storage to front of house automatically, saving staff from running back and forth at every request, or manhandling heavy or bulky items in and out of lifts.

Ambaveyor conveyer systems

Ambaveyor conveyer systems are most widely recognised from their use in airports as part of internal automated baggage movement systems. However, Ambaveyor systems have been widely adopted across multiple industries, including processing and packaging, contract packaging, retail and postal services. This economical, high volume transport solution represents the most economical solution for transferring products from point A to point B across large floor areas with a minimum of transfers. Its flexible nature, high load capacity and ability to run continuously for limitless amounts of time make it ideal for high-pressure, 24 hour usage, for example in factories, sorting offices and processing plants.

Zero Pressure Accumulation Conveyers

Zero Pressure Accumulation Conveyers are the latest incarnation of the conveyance system, and the system which would best answer your bespoke requirements. Perfect for use in environments where products of different size, shape and weight will be sharing the same space, Zero Pressure Accumulation conveyers use intelligent sensors to accelerate, decelerate and brake different zones along the system to avoid blockages, long gaps and to stop large, bulky items from impacting against fragile, small or light products in front. Zero Pressure Accumulation Conveyors are perfect for ensuring a consistent supply of product, and for reacting to different supply speeds, such as between picking and packing sectors.

With over 15 years' experience in the industry, we are the perfect choice to design, manage and install your new conveyance system

As with all our projects, Tower Lifts will work closely with you from the first, organising site visits, discussing in-depth your requirements, expectations and budget to ensure we design the best system for your needs. Our team of experts will oversee the manufacture and installation of your chosen conveyance system from start to finish, giving you unbeatable service and completing the work required on time and in budget.
Finally, we offer a lift maintenance contract which will ensure your conveyance system is kept in best working order for years to come. Please contact us today to discuss your requirements.

The Leading Supplier of Conveyor Systems

Whether you are looking for a bespoke roller, belt or chain driven conveyor System, require maintenance on a existing Conveyor System installation or would like to speak to us about our comprehensive Conveyor unit options, call or e-mail our customer service team today to discuss your requirements.