The Commercial Platform Lift

Commercial Platform Lift

A busy commercial environment such as an airport, a shopping centre, or a heritage experience can feel very alienating to people with mobility issues. If you’re unable to use stairs because of a heart condition, or a physical disability, your enjoyment in the midst of a crowded space can feel severely curtailed. A commercial platform lift offers welcome relief because it provides independent access, and expands your access potential.

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Reasons to Invest in a Commercial Platform Lift

Any business that requires the use of stairs to access their resources, needs to offer a platform lift to customers. The Disability Discrimination Act (DDA) states that disabled clients or customers must not be discriminated against. The Equality Act (2010) requires that commercial premises be made accessible for all users. In order to comply, an alternative mode of transport to stairs is required.

A Commercial Platform Lift is Easy to Install

Not so long ago, the barrier to installing a lift in commercial environments came down to architectural restrictions, or lack of space for a large pit area. This is no longer the case. The innovative platform lift doesn’t require a pit for installation, because it’s considered a ‘machine’ rather than a ‘lift’ by the Machinery Directive 2006/42/EC.

This distinction makes the commercial platform lift ideal for an extended range of settings as the constraints upon installation are considerably reduced. Platform lifts can be fitted without the need for a lift shaft which makes them more affordable. They can also be installed in a range of buildings that would previously have lacked the space required.

Tower Lifts Installs a Range of Platform Lifts

The Tower Lifts team has been designing and installing bespoke commercial platform lifts for almost two decades now. In order to offer maximum flexibility we provide a range of models for different environments:

  • Vertical Platform Lift. This looks like a traditional lift, only smaller. It has a passenger cabin which is large enough for wheelchair use, and it operates on a modular structure. The vertical platform lift travels at a speed of 0.15MPS and runs on either an electric or hydraulic system.
  • Straight Inclined Platform Lift. This platform lift model allows wheelchair users to access straight flights of stairs. The compact design can be finished to any colour, and the straight inclined lift is designed to be robust and durable.
  • Curved Inclined Platform Lift. If you want a curved staircase to be accessible to customers we can install a curved inclined platform lift. We will design to your architecture; we’ve even created platform lifts for spiral staircases!
  • Integrated Platform Lifts. If you have a split-level floor, an integrated platform lift allows ease of access. The lift mechanism is built into the floor at the bottom of the steps, and emerges when required. This elegant solution is ideal for heritage environments.

platform lift installersCase Study 1 – Vertical Platform Lift for Travis Perkins

Travis Perkins Builders Merchants required installation of a vertical platform lift in their St Pancras Way premises, London. Fitting the lift ensured compliance with the Building Regulations Approved Document M which deals with usage and access for people with disabilities under the Equality Act 2010.

Case Study 2 – Screw Driven Platform Lift Installation at School in Ealing, London

The Tower Lifts team installed a screw-driven vertical platform lift to provide access for disabled students and staff. These vertical shaft platform lifts are ideal for buildings that have no spare capacity for a traditional lift shaft. The screw-driven lift comprises up to 6 units with a hydraulic drive. This creates a free-standing shaft which is simple to install and requires no structural alterations.

Why Work With Tower Lifts?

We have championed the use of the platform lift in commercial environments for close on twenty years. During that time our lift designers have tackled hundreds of tricky installation challenges – and they’ve never been beaten yet. We’re known in the sector for our creative and innovative approach to lift design, combined with technical skills and an excellent record on passenger safety compliance.

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