Commercial Goods Lifts for Manchester

The Tower Lifts installation team often talk about the way in which lift installation appears to work cyclically. We work regularly across Manchester and we’ve recently finished a number of passenger lift installations. Prior to that, we were contacted by a number of businesses seeking lift repairs or lift maintenance packages, most recently we’ve been experiencing high demand when it comes to dumbwaiters for Manchester businesses. Of course, there’s a rational explanation for this; we solve a problem for one company, another hears about it and contacts us for a similar installation – we’re just delighted to be offering a service which is proving popular across the county because it makes sound business sense!

Commercial Dumbwaiters in Manchester Improve Productivity

Commercial Dumbwaiters

The dumbwaiter lift was invented by the Victorians and has never really gone out of fashion. Why? Because it solves a commercial problem elegantly and efficiently. Restaurants, pubs, hotels, and shops with storerooms all share a similar problem; they have a need to get goods from one location to another in order to serve the customer, but the process of fetching goods, or food, can take customer-facing assistants away from the dining area, or off the shop floor. This produces two problems; first, the customer is left alone waiting to be served, and second, staff rush to complete the transaction creating the potential for health and safety hazards in the process. Commercial Dumbwaiters in Manchester, such as this recent project for San Carlo Fumo Restaurant, offer a simple solution; an appropriately sized lift transports the goods from one location to another, cutting down on time, accidents, and customer frustration in one go.

Bespoke Commercial Goods Lifts for Manchester

Our customers know that at Tower Lifts we know that there’s no such thing as a standard installation. We create bespoke commercial goods lifts for Manchester, which we guarantee will solve the specific needs of our client. We take into account the unique operating environment, the size of goods to be moved, and the speed and regularity of the process. Once we have a clear diagnostic of the challenge, we can create dumbwaiters for Manchester businesses that improve productivity and provide a measurable return on investment. If you like the sound of our commercial dumbwaiters, our installation team would be happy to offer advice and an installation diagnostic.

If you have a commercial goods lift installed which requires maintenance, repair or servicing, we have a team of experts ready and willing to keep your lift working safely and efficiently!


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