Commercial Goods Lifts for Kent

Tower Lifts are happy to have plenty of reasons to visit the beautiful county of Kent and – at present – we are working extensively on the installation of lifts which aid the process of production in hotels, restaurants, retail outlets, or distribution centres. For most consumers, how their goods are transported from one floor to another, or from the kitchen to their dining table, is a mystery. Tower Lifts help businesses to perfect the transportation process ensuring that customer service is at the heart of their business and customer feedback is always positive.

Installing a Range of Commercial Goods Lifts for Kent

Commercial Dumbwaiters

Whether your business is needing to move large and heavy goods from one floor of a distribution centre to another or requiring the speedy passage of hot meals from the kitchen to a dining room, our dedicated Tower Lifts design and installation team will be able to offer a range of solutions. For speedy, agile service we would always recommend commercial dumbwaiters in Kent. The dumbwaiter provides efficient vertical transport for food or small goods from its source to its destination without requiring numerous waiters or shop assistants to be running backwards and forwards at speed. Clients who have fitted commercial dumbwaiters in Kent have reported a rise in productivity, and a drop in work-related accidents as customer-facing employees are enabled to concentrate their efforts on the shop floor rather than dash to-and-fro throughout the day.

Commercial Goods Lift in Kent for Heavier Items

For businesses needing to transport heavier goods between floors, we can install modular goods lifts with a self-supporting design. The lack of a requirement for a pit and shaft makes this flexible and efficient solution easy and quick to install which – in turn – makes it attractive to business owners. Our commercial goods lift for Kent can be designed for a goods only purpose, or for the vertical transport of goods and people. Should you wish the lift to be used by customers, staff, or for disabled access, you will be required to provide an attendant to manage the safe use of the commercial goods lift at all times.

Tower Lifts Work Regularly Across Kent

Over the past two decades, we have found ourselves working across domestic, commercial and industrial sectors installing lifts that have enhanced access, eased the passage of goods, and increased visitor numbers to heritage properties and art galleries. We regularly install passenger lifts in new or refurbished properties and apartment blocks, and we are a provider of choice when it comes to Kent lift repairs and maintenance.

If you have a commercial goods lift installed which requires maintenance, repair or servicing, we have a team of experts ready and willing to keep your lift working safely and efficiently!


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