Commercial Dumbwaiters for restaurants, pubs, hotels, retail stores, hospitals, factories, banks and libraries

Tower Lifts have over 15 years experience designing and installing commercial dumbwaiters throughout the United Kingdom. Our bespoke dumbwaiter installations are extremely reliable and can be customised to handle any kind of logistical requirement your business may have.

We can install dumbwaiter lifts in any type of commercial environment including retail stores, warehouses, factories, restaurants, pubs, and libraries. Our dumbwaiter lifts are fast, efficient, simple to use, and most of all — safe. All installations adhere to the United Kingdom’s strictest safety guidelines and include sophisticated electronic safety measures.

All equipment used is in our dumbwaiter installations comes from reputable manufacturers and is built to last. We understand the requirements of dumbwaiters installed in commercial environments and use equipment that is extremely reliable and simple to use.

Commercial Dumbwaiters

Commercial Dumbwaiters

How Commercial Dumbwaiters are Used

Dumbwaiter lifts were first used in the late 19-Century to transport food between floors. The first dumbwaiters were very simple systems involving ropes, pulleys and a small cart.

Today, modern dumbwaiter lifts use very powerful electric traction systems or hydraulic systems to pull heavy items very rapidly. Thousands of businesses across the United Kingdom use dumbwaiter lifts to rapidly move consumer items between floors. They are most commonly used in restaurants, pubs and bars to transport food and drinks from the food preparation to the staff on the serving floor.

Dumbwaiters are also used in factories, private homes and public buildings

They are a common sight in stock rooms, government offices, libraries and hospitals. Dumb waiter lifts can be used with very little training and can greatly increase worker productivity in any environment.

Our Bespoke Dumbwaiter Solutions

Tower Lifts can design and install the perfect dumbwaiter solution for your business. We will meet with you to gather your businesses requirements, then design a suitable dumbwaiter installation.

During the initial meetings, our experienced lift consultants will ask a number of questions to determine what is required of your dumbwaiter lift installation.  The questions will include:

  • How much weight will your dumbwaiter be required to carry?
  • How much space do you have for installing a dumb waiter lift shaft in your building?
  • What size packages will the dumbwaiter be required to carry?
  • How many floors will the dumbwaiter travel and how many stops should it have?

commercial dumb waiter lifts

Once we have established the operational requirements for the lift, our expert lift engineers will design a solution to fit the bill

Our dumb waiters can also incorporate additional features including various forms of automation, self-closing fireproof doors, lockable doors and high speed motors for the extremely fast transport of goods.

Once our engineers have developed the right solution for your business, Tower Lift’s installation crews will install it on site. Our installation crews are highly experienced and extremely efficient — a dumbwaiter lift can be installed very rapidly, minimising the down time experienced by your business.

Our ability to design and install the perfect commercial dumbwaiter lift for our clients is why we remain the leading dumbwaiter lift company in the United Kingdom.

Tower lifts – Commercial Dumbwaiter Solutions

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