Circular Lifts for a Ride to Remember

Passenger lifts are now so ubiquitous we tend to take them for granted, but the innovative nature of the technology means that they can still take us by surprise, given the right context. It’s not that long ago that the glass lift first appeared in shopping centres, providing a new form of stimulation for busy shoppers and, in its day, the paternoster lift redefined vertical transport in busy schools and universities.

The circular lift is now occupying the imaginations of lift designers. This has always been something of a futuristic dream, beloved of science fiction movies, but it is now a reality and examples can be found in a range of locations including office developments and sports facilities. The cylindrical glass lift combines functional transport with a not-to-be-forgotten feature and an exciting passenger experience.

Bespoke Circular Glass Lifts

A circular glass lift is encased in a glass shaft and can be designed as an hydraulic, traction or motor roomless installation. In circular scenic lifts it’s often desirable to have the doors driven below and this is made possible by installing under-driven curved glass doors. Circular lifts can transport passengers internally or externally and can be fitted with one or two cabin doors.

A Round Lift for Glyndebourne Opera House

The world-famous opera house at Glyndebourne asked Tower Lifts to design a bespoke externally mounted scenic passenger lift to provide access to all the floors of the building whilst providing an unique viewing experience for the stunning Sussex landscape. We designed a round lift made of steel and curved glass, providing maximum access to the view, for the 13 person cabin.

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Circular Domestic Lifts

The circular lift is also making an appearance in the domestic sector. Vacuum home lifts can travel over five stops, are completely transparent and range from on 1 person capacity to a 3 person capacity which is large enough to transport a wheelchair. The lift works on ‘air’, so it doesn’t need a pit or machine room and uses a minimal amount of energy due to the vacuum technology.

Tower Lifts for Innovative Scenic Lift Designs

Lift technology is now so advanced that it’s pretty much possible to create the lift you want, whatever the context. The Tower Lifts design and installation team has been creating bespoke lifts for clients across the UK over the past two decades. Challenges are a part of every project and we relish the opportunity to find creative solutions in order to make inspiring lift installations.

Scenic lifts attract a particularly high passenger footfall which requires a durable design, ensuring an ongoing optimal performance for passengers. We place passenger safety at the heart of all our lift designs, so we will guarantee the very highest standards guaranteeing a safe environment for anyone using the lift. Public lifts are also required to be DDA compliant, offering access to all members of the public.

Working With Experienced Bespoke Lift Designers

If you are keen to create an unforgettable experience for your lift passengers, or if you are looking for a ‘green’ alternative for your domestic lift, Tower Lift engineers bring second-to-none skills, a wealth of experience in designing bespoke installations, and an innate desire to find creative responses to the challenges any operating environment can throw at them.

Tower Lifts carry out design and installation on a varied range of lifts throughout the UK including:

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