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Lift Maintenance in London

Lift Maintenance in London by Tower Lifts

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london lift company

An Experienced London Lift Company — Tower Lifts

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passenger lifts in london

Passenger Lifts in London

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Fire Evacuation Lifts

Fire Evacuation Lift for Wesley House, an apartment building in Luton

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passenger lift company

Passenger Lift Company | Hydraulic Passenger Lifts | Glass Lifts | Bespoke Scenic Lifts

Passenger Lift Company   Tower Lifts – Providing you with complete Passenger Lift solutions Passenger lifts, whether in workplaces, retail spaces, residential properties or public buildings, are vital for keeping people moving. Designed specifically for the movement of passengers over cargo, they’re especially important if you have any disabled or mobility-impaired visitors to your property.

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home lift

Home Lift Installers

Home Lift Installers   There are many reasons to install a Home Lift The most obvious is that it makes it easier for the home owner to reach all areas of the property without having to use the stairs. In the case of wheelchair users, home lifts are an essential buy. But have you ever thought about the

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home lifts in london

Home Lifts in London

Home Lifts in London   Wheelchair Users benefit from Home Lifts We have been busier than ever installing home lifts in London, as wheelchair users, or indeed people who struggle to climb stairs or reach a different level begin to realise the enormous benefits to their lives. Becoming dependant on a wheelchair is a life-changing

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MRL Lifts – Machine Roomless Lifts

MRL Lifts MRL Lifts or Machine Roomless Lifts – Making the most of small spaces, with reduced dimension lift solutions Very often we are approached to quote and advise clients who need a reduced dimension lift solution to suit a minimal space. As access becomes more and more normalised, these kinds of machine roomless lifts

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low pit passenger lift in aldgate

Tower Lifts in challenging low pit passenger lift installation in London

Tower Lifts in challenging low pit passenger lift installation in London   Our latest project may not carry a prestigious name or location (see our recent post regarding our installation in a well-known department store!), but installing a low pit passenger lift in a residential block in central London posed its own challenges. We were recently

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